Music… Music… MUSIC!!

Forgot to mention the big thing I got myself this week… I was getting frustrated with my cd player I was using for working out, so I investigated MP3 players… Of course, the first one of choice is the iPod – but it’s a tad expensive… so I looked at others… iRiver, Creative Zen, Rio… I ultimately ended up with the Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 30GB Mp3 player… I FUCKING LOVE IT! I downloaded the 9gb of mp3s off my HD, and now i’m grabbing others I wanna put on there too… Talk about a music overload! Of course, with me, there is NO SUCH THING! I can never have enough music, and I think this year is gonna be exactly that… the year of music for me. I think 2005 is the year I come alive, in more ways than one… I feel like i’m in the starting gate, poised to jump at the bell – and never look back… So watch out! 🙂

Anyways, I got a little sidetracked there… I love my mp3 player!!!

Watching the ‘MusikMafia’ show on CMT right now, very cool – they all seem like nice guys (Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, etc) – and I could see fitting in with them well… It’s all about music – the fuel in my life – and I’ll be involved with it all year long… in fact, this april, Detroit’s having their first annual music conference (MotorCity Music Conference or MC2) – and I plan on being there, maybe starting my own little DetroitMafia or something… lol But I’m going, will be taking TONS of pictures, probably blogging onsite too… Gonna be a great time!!!

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Guess I should post?

Ok, so I’ve been a tad busy… Between working, working out, karaoke, and helping with a new band… So tonight I’m exausted, but I wanna post something… anything… lol

This week was a great one for my workout, I finally got the hang of using the eliptical machine, and am using that instead of the treadmill for my cardio – I actually am enjoying that better! Also, yesterday, I weighed myself – since it would be exactly 1 month since I started – and I was very pleased to see that I’ve lost 15 lbs!!! Talk about a nice surprise!! And it only fueled my drive to continue and continue harder!!

I actually look forward to working out each day – I never thought I’d say that. I miss working out when I skip a day! Yesterday I was kinda pressed for time to work out, but I did it anyways – and I was pissed when I found out when I got outta the gym that my early evening plans were cancelled – I was going to take pictures of the new band – and had I known that the plans were cancelled, I would have probably worked out for another 30 minutes… Who the fuck would think I’d be saying that to myself 2 months or so ago? Not me!

Tomorrow, Trent and I will be going to play laser tag for the first time together – I can’t wait! I know he can’t either… of course, we’ll play on the same team for a game or two – then watch out, we’ll be against each other! 🙂

Anyways, that’s my mind-dump for the moment… there’s more to dump out, just don’t know how to put it all into words sometimes…

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Take that !

Alright, i’m getting tired of the spam, I got probably another 20 since I posted last… So I went and installed the wp-plugin manager found at and activated the spam karma plugin. Lets see if it works!

Yes, I know you guys haven’t seen a single spam comment on this site, that’s because I moderate comments which have any web links, so if you leave a comment and don’t put a web link in it, you get automatically approved!

Isn’t that special?

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend… here in Michigan, we just got about 1 foot of snow this morning… that was fun digging my car out to go to the gym, but I did it!!! 🙂

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Damn spam…

For some reason in the last evening i’ve received about 40 comment spams… I need to implement the new Google “comment spam buster” they announced this week… I know there is a plugin for WP that’ll do it – so I’ll probably do it sometime, but just been so damn busy lately. I’m working, Karaoke, helping run sound for a new band, spending time with my son, and working out!! Whew… I’m not complaining, I like being busy!! 🙂

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What a day!!!

Today was great!! Trent had a good time at the Autoshow, of course – he got a little tired near the end, but still had fun! After the Auto Show, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and had an enjoyable time there too – The waitress was excellent too! Another cool thing was that they had videos playing, and Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ came on (live version), and Trent started rockin’ out to it… it was too cute! 🙂

So then we headed out to the Pontiac Silverdome – had about 1hr 30min before the Jam started – thought I’d have enough time… But, turned out that when I got close to the silverdome, the traffic was VERY heavy!! After fighting the traffic – finally got to the silverdome right at 7:30, when it was supposed to start…. problem was, I didn’t know where WillCall was! I ended up parking on the opposite side of the dome, and walked about 1/4 mile before relalizing I was in the wrong spot… So we walked all the way back to the car, drove to WillCall – drove around for a parking spot – ended up making a new spot. Got to WillCall, expected there to be noone waiting… Umm.. no, there were about 50+ people waiting… UGH!!!! So finally got the tickets, very frustrated…

Then we walked about 1/2 the dome to get to the seats… just as we sat down, the Ninja Turtle Monster truck was racing… it lost, but it was cool to see it!! I’ll put pictures up later..

So we got to the seats, saw an awesome monster truck… and it kept getting better!! Very cool show, and can’t imagine why I hadn’t gone before! Whoever makes fun of people who go to the Monster Truck shows, has never been to one – because I’m hooked now! Next one’s in March, but probably won’t go – as much as I’d want to!

Anyways, it’s late – I just wanted to get some thoughts out here – We both had a great time, and he loved seeing the monster trucks!!

Tomorrow, we relax… LOL

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In addition to working out today, I’ve got a big, busy day planned for Trent and I. We’re gonna head down to Detroit for the opening day of the International Auto Show, and Trent will be using his own camera for pictures all day! I can’t wait to see things from his perspective… Then after that, if we have time, we’ll swing over to the Detroit Science center, where they’ve got this Monster Truck exibit opening up today too… which is a perfect primer for the highlight of the day – Monster Truck Jam in the Pontiac Silverdome!! It’ll be a first time for both of us! 🙂 I can’t wait!

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Ya know the hardest thing about working out? Getting up and going. It’s so damn easy to lay in bed and relax… But today, I didn’t do that. Today, I got up and went to the gym at 9am, and did an hour of cardio… feel great, it’s the 2nd time I’ve done 1 hr of cardio this week, and I’m working up to doing it every other day, with weights on the other days… In probably a week or so, I’ll be up to that. I think I’m getting the ‘addiction’ to working out too – when I did my weight training on Thursday, I felt the pain/burn on many of the machines – but I felt also a strange enjoyment to it as well. 🙂

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This evening, I took Trent to CeasarLand – to celebrate his perfect score on spelling!! We had a great time there, he got pretty sweaty playing in the kid-tubes too – I only wished I had my camera with me… oh well, can’t get pictures of everything, right?

Anyways, noticed when I got there that there was this woman there (seemingly alone) looking like she was waiting for someone… after I ordered dinner and Trent was playing for a bit, a man came in and she greeted him… I guess they were having a date (?) at CeasarLand?? I didn’t see her with any kids – but I wasn’t really watching her like a hawk either… I know she wasn’t married, or at least didn’t wear a ring showing she was… But my point, why would you go on a date at CeasarLand or Chuck-E-Cheese?? *shrug* True, my 21st birthday was at Major Magic’s, but it wasn’t a date… Dunno. Just odd. The two of them looked in their late 30s or low 40s, so it wasn’t that they were in their 20s…

Oh well, to each their own! As long as they had fun, and it looked like they did – that’s what it’s all about!

Have Fun! 🙂

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If you have too much time on your hands…

Just found out about this today, I think from Cnet’s (which linked to which had a link to Boing Boing’s blog –

How you can search google to find all these web cameras!! Very cool stuff… Of course, who knows how long they’ll all be up, once word gets out – i’m sure the people who own them will lock them down.

Some interesting ones:

This one has real time live streaming of traffic cameras, not sure where though (George Bush/Welborn?)
Here’s one of a street in Czechoslovakia
Some yachts in the water?
Something in North Dakota, I think!
Overlooking an area in Stockholm, Sweden
This looks like a breakroom in Austria
Not sure where this is, but it’s the same time zone as me
Cam inside a software store in Germany
A little Lego City at Marshall University
And I can’t forget the Lava Lamp cam!
Miss Vegas? Check out Imperial Palace’s Web cam
An Aquarium cam!

The other cool thing about some of these, it’s live streaming video (if you have a fast connection)!

There are thousands more… have fun 😉

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It’s old, but still cool

Alright – so I’ve got this laptop… I got it for free… 🙂 It’s hooked up to my wireless network here… so today I downloaded winamp onto it – and pointed it to my main PC’s MP3 collection… so now I can listen to my mp3’s on my laptop from anywhere in the house!! 🙂 My 3+ hours of MP3s… Yeah, I know… silly… but I’m happy… 🙂

Gotta let me have my simple victories every once in a while…

Of course now my next thing to try is to see how far out I can go with my laptop and still be connected to the wireless network…

Had a fun weekend, did a lot of singing Karaoke… Today I didn’t do much, just laundry… whee fun…

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That’s The Way I Like it…

That’s the way I like it
That’s the way I want it
That’s the way I like it
And that’s the way I want it
I’m a dumb ass
I go too fast
When I shouldn’t be moving at all
I know I’m the last
And your only chance
At having something meaningful

I wont ever be tricked into thinking that she loves me
Because no one does and no one will
I wont ever be tricked into thinking that she loves me
Because no one does and no one will
And that’s the way I like it
And that’s the way I want it

I jump into things
Buying wedding rings
When I cant keep myself in line
Try to stop myself
Put it on its shelf
And save it for another time

I won’t ever be tricked into thinking that they love me
Because no one does and no one will
I wont ever be tricked into thinking that they love me
Because no one does and no one will
And that’s the way I like it
And that’s the way I want it
That’s the way I like it
That’s the way I want it

Here I am again left to my own devices
This is the last time
Anyone can bring me down

I won’t ever be tricked into thinking that she loves me
Because no ones does and no one will
I won’t ever be tricked into thinking that they love me
Because no one does and no one will
And that’s the way I like it
And that’s the way I want it
And that’s the way I like it
And that’s the way I want it
That’s the way I like it
That’s the way I want it
That’s the way I like it
That’s the way I want it
That’s the way I like it

Tricked – God Lives Underwater

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Nature has a nasty habit of balancing her flaws…

These are dangerous times
that were living in
and there are dangerous signs
that were giving in to fear
late one night, I’m lying here
I thought I heard a sound.

Tell the mothers and the babes
tell the old, tell the sick they will be safe
get the young males. Tell them to be brave
I was so concerned with saving live
I never saw you pull the knife.

High on the mountains
across seven seas
All of the people
why me, why me?
Do you feel so frustrated
Frightened and feared
answer my question
Why me, why me, why me
why me, why me, why me?

You’re such an angry young man
with all your grievances
people don’t understand,
they just can’t understand
what you must do to stay alive.

So you try to justify
all the violence and hate, before your eyes.
Through the ages better men than you have tried
to give what is not theirs to give
to take the land where others live.

High on the mountains
across seven seas
all of the people why me, why me?
Do you feel so frustrated
frightened and feared
answer my question
why here, why now,
why here, why now, hey here,
why now, why me?

Oh, for now you have the power
the guns and all the swords
but nature has a nasty habit
of balancing her flaws.

Now you may try to break my body
lock me up and throw away the key
but you’ll never break my spirit
I’m free!

Why Me? – Mike And The Mechanics

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New Years Eve

Oh, and how did I celebrate the ringing in of the new year…? I hung out with my buddy Jim down in Wyandotte – where we enjoyed some fine liquid refreshments from the great bar where I had my birthday bash… Did a few karaoke songs after 12:30, then caught some breakfast… then crashed at Jim’s house… All in all, it was a good new years eve, but I’ve had much better…….

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Alright, I just gave my 2004 shitty year rundown… now here’s what my “resolutions” are for 2005…

-Get back in to shape
-Learn Guitar
-Sing with a live band more
-Get back into my own place again

Already working on all of ’em, which is good for the 3rd of Jan… 🙂 🙂

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