Tag team back again – Episode 518!

Yes, i’m back – not as soon as i’d like, but i’m back! hopefully episode 519 will be much sooner!!

This episode features music from:
Eva Under Fire
Josie Pace / Sammi Doll
Cadillac Music
Fat Cat / That Girl Lay Lay
Mick J Clark
Hyde out
Pop Evil

Promos played:
Mr Shark Attack
Redboy video Podcast

Also Mentioned The Goin Deep Show !

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Zaldor’s World 515: Strange Breed

Kicking off the LIVE Zaldor’s world, it’s a special interview episode with show regular, Strange Breed to come on and talk about his new album : The Cat!

We play 3 exclusive tracks from the album, as well as an on the spot performance of Raindrops! Also conversation about favorite music, and a new segment “Play or Pass”!

Had a lot of fun doing this, and looking forward to more LIVE shows soon!

Check out Strange Breed and be sure to presave his album!

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Episode 511 – In Quarantine

Yes, as I said – i’m back with a podcast!! Stuck in quarantine and podcasting, what could be better?? Well – not being in quarantine?? Enjoy this episode with music and updates!

Music From:
Five Finger Death Punch
Stabbing Westward
Eric Gaither remix of Joe Exotic
William May

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Episode #503 – Comforting you with a happy monster!

Three weeks in a row – bringing you more music than you can handle!

Big details on the great show I went to last night (Blue October, review coming soon), wrap up of the Red Bull Air Race, and more!

Music From:

Letters From The Fire
Blue October
Big Data

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Oct 5 – Back again!

See, I told you that i’d be back! and almost on time!

More about the music, and weekend plans to see Red Bull Air Race in Indianapolis!!

Check out AlienXRadio, listen to my Zaldor’s Space Case during the Mid-Week Morning show on Wednesdays from 9a-11a!

Music from:

The Black Isle (Twitter)
Its War (Twitter)
She Pulled The Trigger (Twitter)

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Zaldor’s World has returned!!

Yes, you saw that right – I just dropped a bomb, Zaldor’s World is returning to the old format, music and more! This show brings back new music, and some information too! Keep your feed up to date, be sure you’re subscribed for new episodes!!!

Music From:
Powerman 5000
Eva Under Fire
Information Society
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Back again!

Okay, so I didn’t do this on a weekly basis – but i’m trying for monthly!!

Talk about Jack @ Wander Radio or this link too, Laurie @ Insomnia Radio: New Zealand, Detroit Tigers, Tigger, being hacked, Disabled Cars, and more!
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After a few weeks away.. back to the future!

Yes, today is the day that Marty McFly went to the future in Back To The Future 2! Today, I talk about that, baseball, more Back To The Future!
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Day 3 and 5! And why so PC??

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Back for a mid-june update!

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Still here, check out my live show! – TapDetroit.com – Mondays!

Yes, i’m still here, just been busy!! I do a LIVE show every week from the studio now in Detroit, it’s a different dynamic since i’m not doing my show from the basement by myself! You should listen! Here’s what’s on this week’s show: Monday’s Zaldor’s World LIVE on TapDetroit.com features an artist who’s been on Zaldor’s World twice previously with Telling Trixie and Derek and The Darling, but today he returns as a solo artist – Derek Nicoletto! He will be calling in during the 2nd hour to talk about his new album, Kind Ghosts, which is set to release on July 26th, 2011.

Also in studio for the entire show will be my good friend and partner in karaoke crime, Logan. He has quite a musical history, so we’ll be talking about his past, and his future as well.

As always, feel free to call in to the show to ask questions to Derek or Logan, or to bring up a topic! Join us in the chat room too, we’ll be happy to take questions there!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Mondays, 7pm-10pm ET – Zaldor’s World LIVE, right here on TapDetroit.com – Internet Radio, Detroit Style!

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#415 – Broken Day Machine LIVE in NEW Studio!

Sorry for the long wait since 414 – but this is worth the wait!  It’s an edited version of the first episode I have done LIVE in the new studio (Studio 352) in Detroit – Had Scott and Will from Broken Day Machine in the studio to talk about their new music and play tracks acoustically!

Be sure to tune in EVERY Monday on TapDetroit.com for the unexpected Zaldor’s World LIVE – 7pm-10pm ET – You’ll never know what might happen!!



Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #415 – Broken Day Machine LIVE in NEW Studio!

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#414 – Fall Prey take on Zaldors World

Interview and Music from great band from Detroit –  Fall Prey!

 Music From:

Fall Prey

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #414 – Fall Prey take on Zaldors World

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#413 – Interview with Vains of Jenna

Interview with Jacki of Vains Of Jenna – great rockin’ music from Sweden/Los Angeles!

Music From:

Vains Of Jenna

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #413 – Interview with Vains of Jenna

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#412 – Eating Healty

Music from: The Damzells, LAF, and Alchemy Devine – as well as a special segment from Hoo Hoo Nick!

 Also the link to Charlie Sheen’s guide to mental wellness!

Music From:

The Damzells
LAF (name your price on their latest album from bandcamp!
Alchemy Devine

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #412 – Eating Healty

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#411 – Interview with Bowling For Soup!

This episode features a great interview that I did with Jaret from Bowling For Soup.  we talk about their new album that’s coming out on April 26th, ‘Fishing For Woos’ – as well as beer, boobs, and showers…


Music From

Bowling For Soup

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #411 – Interview with Bowling For Soup!

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#410 – Electronic Shotgun

Catching ya up with a non-interview episode with some great electronic music!

Music From




Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #410 – Electronic Shotgun

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#409 – Sinfinis Returns!

Mary Elizabeth and KAI of Sinfinis return to the show to talk about their new album, their new sound, and more!

Music from


Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #409 – Sinfinis Returns!

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