Episode 521 – Back again!

Yes, I know it’s been almost a year since last podcast, but i’m trying to get the equipment working the way I want it! I did this episode to test it out, and thought it turned out pretty well! Check out the great music and more!

Songs From:

Wolves of Glendale
New World Revolution
Honeymoon Suite

-The 615House where I found Dasha: https://www.tiktok.com/@the615house

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Episode 520 – The Return Of Zaldors World!

Yes, yes, yes, I know it’s been a long time… and I’m back now, and i’m bringing you some updates, some great music from artists I found from TikTok, and maybe the promise of more episodes in the future if I can get this new equipment working like I want to!!  Keep listening and letting me know what you think!!!

Music From:

Poe The Passenger
Royale Lynne

If you want to reach me, email me at ZALDORPOD AT Gmail.com!

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Episode 519 : Kurt Harland of Information Society

Helping you get ready for the release of the new Information Society album “ODDFellows” on August 6th – This episode features a great interview with Kurt Harland of Information Society!

Look for a full review of the album early next week!

Some links to the music he mentioned:  Gesaffelstein 

Check out the interview I did with Paul Robb back in 2014

Be sure to subscribe to see more live podcasts: TwitchFaceBookYouTube

Here are a few old pics that Kurt sent me at the end of the show – with the Hack car:


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Information Society’s OddFellows!

InfoSoc Band

Long time fans of the podcast might remember where I interviewed Paul Robb of Information Society back in 2014 to promote their album “_hello world” that was released in September 2014. It was great to talk to him back then, and always great to see that the band is still around and producing new music. Since that interview they’ve put out 1 other new album and 2 remix albums and now have another new album coming out later 2021!! The album is called “OddFellows” and features music which they released when they re-partnered with their original label, Tommy Boy. Those 4 singles are added to 7 additional tracks to make up the album.

InfoSoc Oddfellows

One of the cool things about this new album, InfoSoc are breaking audio ground — this will be the very first complete album to be released with a version rendered in THXⓇ Spatial Audio (a technology that’s used in gaming platforms to provide audio that sounds like it’s coming from ‘outside your head’). What this means to the listener is that the spatial audio technology recreates different “channels” of sound that sound as if you’re in a room surrounded by the musicians… So you might hear the drummer sound like he’s directly behind you, a keyboard in the right ear, bass in the left ear and the vocalist moves around freely. It puts you right in the middle of the performance and it’s best experienced on headphones. It’s a very cool technology and InfoSoc is just the band to take advantage of it! OF course, if you’re not interested in the Spatial Audio sound, you can get a normal stereo sound version – but why would you??

I’m looking forward to the album being released, and maybe i’ll even have a full review soon – and who knows, maybe – just maybe – another interview with Paul, and maybe other members of InfoSoc?? I know i’d like to have him (and other members of InfoSoc) on the show again! Stay Tuned! In the meantime, check out 2 of the singles (Nothing Prevails and Bennington) from the Tommy Boy re-partnering that will be on the new album when it’s released on August 6, 2021!

Thanks to ReyBee for the details on the new album – stay tuned for more!!

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Tag team back again – Episode 518!

Yes, i’m back – not as soon as i’d like, but i’m back! hopefully episode 519 will be much sooner!!

This episode features music from:
Eva Under Fire
Josie Pace / Sammi Doll
Cadillac Music
Fat Cat / That Girl Lay Lay
Mick J Clark
Hyde out
Pop Evil

Promos played:
Mr Shark Attack
Redboy video Podcast

Also Mentioned The Goin Deep Show !

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Zaldor’s World LIVE: Episode 517!

This was a fun episode, 7 great songs, and I had my cousin listening from California (VG_Trooper) – Lot of fun, if you like what you hear, check out the Youtube/Twitch videos!

Julie Haven
Mike Williams
Interstate Revival
Dizzy Box Nine

Spotify Playlist for the above songs!!

Here’s a vid to the Dunkin story I talked about too!

Check me out for future lives at: Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook! and save my phone number 313-462-0006 to call in for the live show!!!

Join the Telegram Chat group for Zaldor’s World Podcast

Thanks again to everyone for listening/watching!!!

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Zaldor’s World Episode 516

I’m back! Had a great time doing the live kick off on 2/5, and this episode was one that I recorded to test out the set up, but didn’t do it live!

Played music from:

Adam’s Attic

Coming soon – more live shows!

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Zaldor’s World 515: Strange Breed

Kicking off the LIVE Zaldor’s world, it’s a special interview episode with show regular, Strange Breed to come on and talk about his new album : The Cat!

We play 3 exclusive tracks from the album, as well as an on the spot performance of Raindrops! Also conversation about favorite music, and a new segment “Play or Pass”!

Had a lot of fun doing this, and looking forward to more LIVE shows soon!

Check out Strange Breed and be sure to presave his album!

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Episode 514: 8mm is live!

This episode is a special one, its with my friends Sean and Juliette Beavan of 8mm. We had a great live chat on Facebook, talked about all sorts of things and they did a few acoustic tunes too to promote their new acoustic EP (Stripped Vol 1) that is out now!

Huge thanks to Sean and Juliette for coming on the first Zaldor’s World Live on Facebook – hopefully won’t be the last!!

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Episode 513 – Return of Strange Breed!

It’s an exclusive episode, featuring a new interview with Strange Breed (David) and an exclusive release of his new song ‘Solar’ from the collaboration ‘Something or Other’ – as well as a cool tune from The Gorillaz too!!

Music From:

Strange Breed/Something Or Other

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Episode 511 – In Quarantine

Yes, as I said – i’m back with a podcast!! Stuck in quarantine and podcasting, what could be better?? Well – not being in quarantine?? Enjoy this episode with music and updates!

Music From:
Five Finger Death Punch
Stabbing Westward
Eric Gaither remix of Joe Exotic
William May

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Remember me?

Hello! Yes, it’s been a while, I wonder if anyone even visits this page anymore. I know it’s a crazy time out there in the world, but I think this world needs to take a trip to Zaldor’s world a bit more often. So i’m preparing to get back and do more episodes – more stuff – and who knows what else… Stay tuned, stay subscribed, stay safe, and above all STAY THE FUCK HOME! 😀

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8mm Returns with Heart-Shaped Hell!!

8mm - Heart-Shaped Hell

2019 marks the return of the amazing duo of 8mm (http://8mmlovesyou.com) !! On Feb 22, 2019 they released their new EP, Heart Shaped Hell, and it’s a much welcomed return to your ears! Founded by Grammy-nominated producer/mixer multi-instrumentalist Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, A Perfect Circle) and his multi-talented wife, Juliette Beavan, 8mm, were one of the first bands to embrace DIY and strategic licensing. They quickly became championed by luminaries such as Nic Harcourt, Geoff Boucher, Kevin Bronson, Jason Pettigrew and Antiquiet. One of the most licensed bands in the industry (“Underworld: Awakening”, “Dirty Little Liars”, “Mistresses”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Nip/Tuck”, “Nikita”, “One Tree Hill”, “Shark”, “Cold Case”, “Moonlight”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, etc.), their powerful live performances and intriguing videos have earned them an ever-increasing hardcore following.

The new EP, Heart-Shaped Hell, starts out with the sultry voice of Juliette on the song, ‘Self-Inflicted Heartache’ – where the song gives the listener a brilliant reminder of what made them fall in love with 8mm in previous albums. After the opening sequence, Juliette shows us the power of her voice in the chorus, exclaiming “Hey! Hey! This is how I break… It’s my self-inflicted heartache!” The song goes on, hypnotizing the listener and finishing with a great guitar solo by Sean.

The first single, Supercrush, is next on the EP and this is by far my favorite song. Starts off with a catchy electro-groove and keeps giving the listener a strong bass thump underneath Juliette’s singing with the rhythm. Sean also brings an electronic infused guitar to this tune, making it easily the best song off the EP. The title track follows, bringing you back to the sultriness of Juliette, and encouraging you to swing along with the song and feel that really no-one can break the spell of her amazing voice. That continues into the next tune, Bring it on, but this song is a little different – we finally hear Sean singing along with his wife, making it a beautiful duet. I think Bring It On is a contender for the 2nd best track on the EP, having both their voices in the song makes it a great song.

The final 2 tracks are the same song, Move with Me, but one has a spacey 2 minute and 20 second intro that could easily be a track to welcome 8mm on stage when they perform it live. I actually could see this song being used in a tv show, possibly a sci-fi show. Juliette encourages the listener to “just move with me” and by the time you hear her sirens song in the middle, you will be moving along with her – and also agreeing that you won’t let her go. This song leaves you wishing there were more than 5 (6) songs and it was a full length album.

I am very happy to see that 8mm is back and this EP is a great way to bring them back! I only hope that they take this (and their older material) back on the road, as they are amazing to see in a live environment. Those long time fans of 8mm should definitely listen to this EP, and if you’re a fan of bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, Metric, Poe, or similar – you should give this a listen as well. You may just become one of the hardcore fans that have been following 8mm since 2006!

8mm – (Facebook) (web) (instagram) (twitter)

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Episode 509 – Strange Breed in London!

This Episode is a great one, it features music and interview with David Sisson/Strange Breed – Check out his music and the interview we did while in London, Ontario!!

Music From:
Strange Breed

(coming soon)

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Episode 508 – TPOH and Odds!

Recorded after Maria and I went to London, Ontario to see The Pursuit of Happiness and The Odds at London Music hall! Includes interview with David Reed, Co-owner of Forked River Brewing which created a special IPA for the show: “The Pursuit of Hoppiness!”

Music From:
The Odds
The Pursuit Of Happiness

Check out:
Forked River Brewing

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Episode 507 – Happy New Year!

Back again for 2019 with a new episode, great music, and new years resolutions from family and friends at new years eve party!

Music From:
Germ – rest in peace my friend, you will be missed. 🙁
The Interrupters
Jared Dines

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Eva Under Fire !!!!

Eva Under Fire!!!

This is a special interview episode with Eva Under Fire – Recorded before their EP Release show at The Token Lounge in Westland Michigan!!

This band is going to have a huge 2019!!!!

Eva Under Fire (Facebook)

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