This evening, I took Trent to CeasarLand – to celebrate his perfect score on spelling!! We had a great time there, he got pretty sweaty playing in the kid-tubes too – I only wished I had my camera with me… oh well, can’t get pictures of everything, right?

Anyways, noticed when I got there that there was this woman there (seemingly alone) looking like she was waiting for someone… after I ordered dinner and Trent was playing for a bit, a man came in and she greeted him… I guess they were having a date (?) at CeasarLand?? I didn’t see her with any kids – but I wasn’t really watching her like a hawk either… I know she wasn’t married, or at least didn’t wear a ring showing she was… But my point, why would you go on a date at CeasarLand or Chuck-E-Cheese?? *shrug* True, my 21st birthday was at Major Magic’s, but it wasn’t a date… Dunno. Just odd. The two of them looked in their late 30s or low 40s, so it wasn’t that they were in their 20s…

Oh well, to each their own! As long as they had fun, and it looked like they did – that’s what it’s all about!

Have Fun! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Date?”

  1. Interesting…a bit weird, but in my head, because I love making up stories. They met there long ago, one was a manager then and were meeting there again on their anniversary…:P

  2. Odd…personally, I’m never going to Chucky Cheeses again. :S Much less for a date, if that’s what it was…. But yeah, to each their own. ^_^

  3. She was having an affair an dwas afraid of getting follow3ed and figured this would be the one place he would not look

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