If you have too much time on your hands…

Just found out about this today, I think from Cnet’s News.com (which linked to TheRegister.com)- which had a link to Boing Boing’s blog –

How you can search google to find all these web cameras!! Very cool stuff… Of course, who knows how long they’ll all be up, once word gets out – i’m sure the people who own them will lock them down.

Some interesting ones:

This one has real time live streaming of traffic cameras, not sure where though (George Bush/Welborn?)
Here’s one of a street in Czechoslovakia
Some yachts in the water?
Something in North Dakota, I think!
Overlooking an area in Stockholm, Sweden
This looks like a breakroom in Austria
Not sure where this is, but it’s the same time zone as me
Cam inside a software store in Germany
A little Lego City at Marshall University
And I can’t forget the Lava Lamp cam!
Miss Vegas? Check out Imperial Palace’s Web cam
An Aquarium cam!

The other cool thing about some of these, it’s live streaming video (if you have a fast connection)!

There are thousands more… have fun 😉

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