Now I remember some…

2004 actually was a bad year for me… I had a relationship fail that I probably shouldn’t have entered into in the first place, but I thought it could work out… for that, I’m sorry to her – I wish her the best, and from what I’ve seen, it sounds like her life is going much better this year.

Also had a couple other relationships middle of the year that didn’t go as planned, one I’m still good friends with (and we talk almost daily) – the other was a 1 week, 500 mph relationship I didn’t plan on taking. And I’m sorry for that as well… that last relationship opened my eyes, and has given me a totally different outlook, and helped shape my relationships to come… so I guess I could thank her for that…

Anyways, my life is not just relationships with women! The good thing about 2004 is that my job has been continuing to go good, and I enjoy what I’m doing – most days! :)

Trent is continuing to become a very smart, fun loving, cute, and wonderful son… I don’t think I could have asked for a better son. Of course, he has his moments, but they’re few… I see big things for him in the future, and I wanna be right there to witness all that I can with him.

2005 is shaping up to be a great year so far… I’ve got great friendships, enjoying my singing @ Karaoke multiple times a week (and enjoying the friendships there too), love spending time with Trent and sharing new things with him. I hope to continue this trend with him too… With my new GPS, we’ll be spending time outdoors finding all the GeoCaches :)

Anyways, just a little small post… I feel that 2005 will be a much better year than 2004, and looking forward to all the joy that it brings… :)

Fargin’ spam

Why in the hell is there such a thing as s-p-a-m? I mean, the mean is tolerable, barely… but the electronic version is absolutely horrible! I’ve been getting a few here on my site, and I filtered most out, but a few got in… but I deleted them…. The question is, why do they bother? Do people really click on those links? Do they really want to know about P-O-K-E-R? OR how to make your b-r-e-a-s-ts bigger? Or even better, a larger p-e-n-i-s-…. I mean, gimme a break… So s-p-a-m-m-e-r-s take note, you’re not getting a single one on my site… so why waste the electrons? Someone must be clicking on them, otherwise they’d stop… so now, whoever the FUCK is clicking on these s-p-a-m messages… STOP!!!! You’re encouraging them!

Ok… nuff said..

Happy New Year – and may you have a S-P-A-M Free 2005… yeah right… LOL ;) :P

Why must I think up titles?

And today was my 2nd visit – and I feel even better about it after going for the 2nd time… I pushed myself pretty hard, and it felt good… Starting out slow, but eventually will be going as much as possible! :)

Keepin’ ya guessin’

Always gotta keep ya all guessin… What I did yesterday was make my first visit to the local fitness club… Yup, I joined last week, and my orientation was Monday… And I’ve got 3 more 1 hr sessions with a trainer too… So I’m geeked…

Not only am I geeked about that, but I’m also geeked that I got a GPS receiver for christmas! So now I’m going to begin GeoCaching too! I can’t wait!!!!! New camera in hand and it’ll be quite the adventure :)


Well, I finally did it – and this time, i’m not giving up… I swear… I’ve been putting off doing this for the last couple months, it’s been nagging me in the back of my mind… and tonight, I did it. I feel a ton better since I took the first “step” and I plan on continuing this trend. Like I said, all part of version 3.5….. :)

Too cute

I just had to share… Pic I took of Trent when we were driving back home to open presents:


Merry Christmas to all!!

It’s Christmas Time

Yes, it’s that time again, The most fattening time of the year! ;)

It’s Christmas eve – all the presents are bought… I think. … Got dinner with the family all weekend… Ugh.

This year I’ve been in a fairly good christmas mood, I’ve actually been listening to christmas music a lot – but not your average christmas music (like the one above, for example!). Not sure why I downloaded all the christmas music I did – but I did… And listened to it at work, in the car, and even sung a bunch of christmas karaoke songs! I loved doing ’12 redneck days of christmas’!!

So I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve been in the christmas spirit, even if it is just the music. Last few years I really haven’t been in much of the spirit… so maybe this is “babysteps”.

I had some ideas for some profound writing here a day or two ago, now I can’t remember what I wanted to write… don’t ya hate that?

Maybe it’ll come to me in a while…

Never mind…

Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah

Never mind what you think you know about me
Never mind what you might have seen on the tv
You can’t believe every single word you’re gonna read
What I am is too far in for you to see

Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah

Never mind who said that I was a bit far gone
Never mind when they tell you sex is all I want
You can’t believe that I’m every word that I write down
What I am is too far in and can’t be found

Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah
Ah ah ah…ah ah ah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Never mind what they’re gonna say is probably wrong
Never mind ain’t about the singer it’s the song
You can’t believe how a person looks is who they are
What I am is too far in and can’t be found
What I am is too far in and can’t be found
What I am is too far in and can’t be found
What I am is too far in and can’t be found

Never Mind – Jann Arden

Yeah, I’m a Sag… :)

I really thought I’d score higher – but yes, I’m not surprised at all by my score… :)

You are 87% Sagittarius


Alrighty – I think I’ve got it working… sorta… yes, I know the menu is fucked when using FireFox… no biggie really… it still works… I’ll fix it soon…

Big Thanks to KB for the cool layout! :)

New look

Okay – I tried to put up my “new” look, but I’m missing a graphic… I’m sure KB will get it to me tomorrow, so you’ll see the finished product… and to all you FireFox users (like me), I know it doesn’t work right in FF… I’ll see if I can tweak that…


Those who know me, know that i’m a big NIN (Nine Inch Nails, for those not in the know) fan, and am looking forward to the new album from NIN next year… and the coming tour.. where I will have floor seats, and I will be moshing this time. Anyways, found this “quiz” and of course, I had to take it!

Amazing how accurate it is… ;)

You are Somewhat Damaged from The Fragile album.
Somewhat Damaged

What NIN Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh, and perhaps it’s no coincidence that my son’s named Trent? ;)

Break My World…

I am the eye of the hurricane
I hear you cry yet I feel no pain
I wash away the hurt and broken chains
After all these years your heart’s so cold to me

Give me all the things that you don’t need
Fill me up with the air you breathe
If I ever see the day that you don’t need me
Use me up, cut me dry, shut my mouth, say goodbye

I’ll let go of what I know
Break my world
Break my world

I sit inside of an empty room
Your heart is heavy is heavy and it’s lonely too
I give you more then I’m over you
After all this time your eyes are cold to me

Give me all the things that you don’t need
Fill me up with the air you breathe
If I ever see the day that you don’t want me
Use me up, cut me dry, shut my mouth, say goodbye

I’ll let go of what I know
Break my world
Break my world
Break my world
Break my world

Use me up, cut me dry, shut my mouth, say goodbye
I’ll let go of what I know
Break my world
Break my world

Break My WorldDark Globe, Featuring Amanda Ghost


Damn there are a lot of good concerts and shows I wanna go to this coming year!!! Motley Crue in Feb, Duran Duran in March, Rent (Play) in January, Phantom Of The Opera in March… I’m gonna be broke by January buying all the tickets… LOL

Seriously, of the above, I’d love to see Duran Duran and Motley Crue. I saw each once before, but I’d love to see both of these reunions… :)

Tis beginning to look a lot like christmas…

Took Trent (and my mom too) to see Polar Express in 3-D @ IMAX tonight, and let me say, having seen both theater and IMAX versions, the IMAX is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Had I known it was that good, I would have seen that instead of the theater release. I know some people say that the movie’s a little too commercialized – and I agree… But the story’s good (although a little long) and the graphics are even better when witnessed on IMAX. If you have an IMAX theater near you, I URGE you to see this movie… and you also get to see a preview of a new 3D IMAX movie coming out next month ‘Aliens of The Deep’ that is produced by John Cameron… That looks pretty good too!

Almost forgot

Almost forgot about my Amazon Wish list… I guess I should add these to the Froogle one, and I probably will… but here it is anyways! :P

Weekends just aren’t long enough

Had a great, incredible, amazing, fantastic, super, fun weekend. :)

Spent a lot of quality time with Trent, and he also got to see an old friend that he hasn’t seen in a while, my buddy Randy’s son, Alex… They had a blast together on Saturday…
Got the holiday christmas decorations up around here today, hard to believe it’s only 19 days until christmas… and I haven’t done much shopping yet!! I know what I’ll be doing next weekend… ;)

However, I did manage to get a “wish list” of my own up, using the nifty new froogle wish list… :) Check it out here – Lots of nifty new stuff there, and hopefully I’ll receive some… Now I gotta work on doing the same thing with Trent… Ugh. Hard getting ideas outta him!

That’s about it for now – I need sleep after the busy and fun weekend :)

Ok, got sucked in

As if I don’t complain enough about spam, I decided to get sucked into another probably spam maker for me – thanks to PromoGuy! I signed up for DVRs4Free, where I can get a free ReplayTV DVR!! Will it work? Sure, if I can get 5 of my loyal readers to sign up using this link! And if you do the same, you too will get one too!!

So help a guy out, consider it my birthday present from you! :)