Oct 5 – Back again!

See, I told you that i’d be back! and almost on time!

More about the music, and weekend plans to see Red Bull Air Race in Indianapolis!!

Check out AlienXRadio, listen to my Zaldor’s Space Case during the Mid-Week Morning show on Wednesdays from 9a-11a!

Music from:

The Black Isle (Twitter)
Its War (Twitter)
She Pulled The Trigger (Twitter)

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Zaldor’s World has returned!!

Yes, you saw that right – I just dropped a bomb, Zaldor’s World is returning to the old format, music and more! This show brings back new music, and some information too! Keep your feed up to date, be sure you’re subscribed for new episodes!!!

Music From:
Powerman 5000
Eva Under Fire
Information Society

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Almost end of 2017

Yep, it’s the last podcast of September, just giving a few updates and keeping you posted for more in the future… Be sure to check out Brian Vander Ark, he put on a great show at my buddy’s house in September!!

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Back again!

Okay, so I didn’t do this on a weekly basis – but i’m trying for monthly!!

Talk about Jack @ Wander Radio or this link too, Laurie @ Insomnia Radio: New Zealand, Detroit Tigers, Tigger, being hacked, Disabled Cars, and more!

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Remember me? I found this thing…

So yeah, i’m back – for the moment anyway! Just me rambling, trying to catch you up – and even throw in a little “rant” about the upcoming USA vote for president… Maybe i’ll put more up soon, keep checking!!

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After a few weeks away.. back to the future!

Yes, today is the day that Marty McFly went to the future in Back To The Future 2! Today, I talk about that, baseball, more Back To The Future!

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Day 3 and 5! And why so PC??

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Back for a mid-june update!

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It’s a Cinco De Mayo Miracle!

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Zaldor Unplugged for August 18, 2014!

Ok, more updates – updates on living situation, work, and my son Trent (of t-rentshow.com )!! Maybe will have another update episode soon!!

Shop Amazon – Celebrate Labor Day

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#414 – Fall Prey take on Zaldors World

Interview and Music from great band from Detroit –  Fall Prey!

 Music From:

Fall Prey

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #414 – Fall Prey take on Zaldors World

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