Guess I should post?

Ok, so I’ve been a tad busy… Between working, working out, karaoke, and helping with a new band… So tonight I’m exausted, but I wanna post something… anything… lol

This week was a great one for my workout, I finally got the hang of using the eliptical machine, and am using that instead of the treadmill for my cardio – I actually am enjoying that better! Also, yesterday, I weighed myself – since it would be exactly 1 month since I started – and I was very pleased to see that I’ve lost 15 lbs!!! Talk about a nice surprise!! And it only fueled my drive to continue and continue harder!!

I actually look forward to working out each day – I never thought I’d say that. I miss working out when I skip a day! Yesterday I was kinda pressed for time to work out, but I did it anyways – and I was pissed when I found out when I got outta the gym that my early evening plans were cancelled – I was going to take pictures of the new band – and had I known that the plans were cancelled, I would have probably worked out for another 30 minutes… Who the fuck would think I’d be saying that to myself 2 months or so ago? Not me!

Tomorrow, Trent and I will be going to play laser tag for the first time together – I can’t wait! I know he can’t either… of course, we’ll play on the same team for a game or two – then watch out, we’ll be against each other! 🙂

Anyways, that’s my mind-dump for the moment… there’s more to dump out, just don’t know how to put it all into words sometimes…

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