#284 – Karaoke good-ness!

This episode features sounds from the bar I host karaoke at in Dearborn Heights, Michigan – Also has Air Guitar Dave joining me, before he got a little too drunk!  ;)  

 Music from:

Track A Tiger

I Felt The Bullet Hit My HeartTrack A Tiger
“Don’t Let The Nightlight Dance” (mp3)
from “I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart”
(Deep Elm)

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Love Whip

Any Day in June – You can download his new CD for free at his site!


Staedler & Waldorf

No Way HomeStaedler&Waldorf
“Mode In Mind” (mp3)
from “No Way Home”
(Aardvark Records)

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #284 – Karaoke good-ness!

Streaming live KARAOKE tonight

OK, looks like still haven’t put out a podcast, but i’ve been busy!

Streaming my Karaoke hosting show from Somewhere Bar and No Grill in Wyandotte, MI – And it’s probably the last night it will be called that for Karaoke! Next weekend it will be under new owner, but i’ll still be hosting karaoke – and streaming too!!

Somethings just don’t work out right!

Okay, so there hasn’t been any new stuff here since I last posted.. sorry!

However, I’ll be streaming live karaoke tonight, how about that for a consolation prize?

Why no new show? Well, I ended up filling in for The Dawg on The Industry on BounceRadio.net on Monday night from 8pm-11pm instead! It was a lot of fun, played a ton of industrial music, some covers by industrial artists, and even took a call!

Hope to put out a show this weekend – but don’t forget to check out the live streaming Karaoke tonight!

#190 – Top of the World!

It’s that time again, time for another top of the world mix! This episode is a bunch of genres mixed together, with some karaoke tunes thrown in for good measure… :) Enjoy!

Special Thanks for Wander Wolf from Wander Radio for the awesome intro!!

ID from Lizette from Lizette&

Music From:

Jeff Coffey
S Apostrophe
Xray Dogs
Exceptional Edward
Mimic Of A Mind

#175 – Music to rise you up!

This episode is a special one – not only because there is only ONE Country Co Worker Voice mail, but because it was suggested by a listener, JBSaid! He suggested that I do a christian music based episode, and I found 4 great songs to send to you!

Not only that, but I also have the CCW telling us what the hell he’s listening to, and 2 karaoke songs from The Wander Wolf over at Wander Radio!

Music Played:

Sarah Bauer

Last Day



and Karaoke from Wander Wolf @ Wander Radio!

Podcasts Mentioned:

Most People Are DJ’s
Big Show Radio
Wander Radio

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#174 – Rockin’ into Memorial Day!

This episode features 4 great rockin’ tunes and lots of Country Co-Worker voice mails!

Stay tuned to the very end for a special karaoke surprise too…

Music from:

Radio Dogma
Suicide Holiday

Podcasts mentioned:

Wander Radio
UC Radio Podshow

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Back in the Car for a Car-Cast – Episode #62!

Episode #62!

It’s been a while since I did a car-cast, so I thought I’d take the equipment along for the ride on my karaoke hosting gig – Talked about Podsafe music, karaoke, and more!

Music Played:

The Dreaming
Creepshow 1977

And even threw in a karaoke medley from the night, just for good measure!

Record your own karaoke online !

Just found a cool way of recording your karaoke versions online… ksolo.com – I just signed up for the 7 day free trial (should have waited until after midnight, as I’m down to 6 days now!) and I did a couple recordings – you can have a listen here!

Sometimes I have everything – yet I wish I felt something

It’s Podcast#11 – Karaoke-Cast #2!

Enjoy the incredible renditions of popular music at a small little bar in Wyandotte Michigan!

Maybe I’m all messed up

Okay – this is my last podcast… ever… Hope you like the final one! Feel free to let me know if ya do or not..

I decided to fill it with 6 Karaoke songs from my favorite bar out in Wyandotte – I thought it would be a good send off… plus you get to hear a song sung by yours truly too…


As much as I’m sure you’d like it, this isn’t my last podcast… ;) I have no intentions of stopping now!!

Within…Take in…The extent of my sin

Well, since I have so much fun with the WPGallery plugin, I’ve decided to share pictures from my Karaoke outings… I’ve added the pics from last night’s outing, but I’ll put up more in the near future too… Maybe it’ll give ya a good idea how crazy it can sometimes be -
This bar last night is my favorite place to go, a place where I can be myself … I always (well, most always) have a great time here…

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