Transitioning out, and playing softball!

Another quick episode for you, talking about my transitioning to solid foods for two weeks, and how I played softball for the first time in many many many many many years!!

Also, my apologies if you’re subscribed to the feed and getting 10 year old episodes!! I’m working on moving off Libsyn to save some cash :)

Five Weeks down – Two more to go (phase 1, anyway)

Did this podcast after my doc appt – it was all good news!

Are you on a juice journey? Let me know! Comment or email me at ZALDOR AT GMAIL DOT COM !

Also, check out my special Juicing Journey blog, which gives more details on my journey!!

Day 19!! Still going strong! and FitBit support is AWESOME!

It’s day 19 of my full juice fast lifestyle change, and i’m doing great! Just a little post with an update, talk about the amazing customer support at FitBit, and also talk about Detroit Tigers and their recent trades! JUICE ON!!!

Day 3 and 5! And why so PC??

Back again for 2 episodes in one! Yeah, I forgot to upload the one from 2 days ago, so I put it before today’s and made one big episode!

So in part one, I talk about my 3rd day of my all juicing lifestyle change and how I made an incredible loss for 2 days!

– and part 2 I talk about day 5, my challenges from the night before

And then I get into some silly charm you can put on your dog and cat, and then why we’re being too PC again…

Listen and feel free to comment!!!

It’s a Cinco De Mayo Miracle!

Yup, it’s cinco de mayo – or the 5th of May for everyone outside of the United States! We voted here today, so I rant about that, and the CCW checks in about last episode! Thanks for listening and send me your comments!! zaldor AT GMAIL DOT COM !!

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