What a day!!!

Today was great!! Trent had a good time at the Autoshow, of course – he got a little tired near the end, but still had fun! After the Auto Show, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and had an enjoyable time there too – The waitress was excellent too! Another cool thing was that they had videos playing, and Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ came on (live version), and Trent started rockin’ out to it… it was too cute! 🙂

So then we headed out to the Pontiac Silverdome – had about 1hr 30min before the Jam started – thought I’d have enough time… But, turned out that when I got close to the silverdome, the traffic was VERY heavy!! After fighting the traffic – finally got to the silverdome right at 7:30, when it was supposed to start…. problem was, I didn’t know where WillCall was! I ended up parking on the opposite side of the dome, and walked about 1/4 mile before relalizing I was in the wrong spot… So we walked all the way back to the car, drove to WillCall – drove around for a parking spot – ended up making a new spot. Got to WillCall, expected there to be noone waiting… Umm.. no, there were about 50+ people waiting… UGH!!!! So finally got the tickets, very frustrated…

Then we walked about 1/2 the dome to get to the seats… just as we sat down, the Ninja Turtle Monster truck was racing… it lost, but it was cool to see it!! I’ll put pictures up later..

So we got to the seats, saw an awesome monster truck… and it kept getting better!! Very cool show, and can’t imagine why I hadn’t gone before! Whoever makes fun of people who go to the Monster Truck shows, has never been to one – because I’m hooked now! Next one’s in March, but probably won’t go – as much as I’d want to!

Anyways, it’s late – I just wanted to get some thoughts out here – We both had a great time, and he loved seeing the monster trucks!!

Tomorrow, we relax… LOL

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