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Tis beginning to look a lot like christmas…

Took Trent (and my mom too) to see Polar Express in 3-D @ IMAX tonight, and let me say, having seen both theater and IMAX versions, the IMAX is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Had I known it was that good, I would have seen that instead of the theater release. I know some people say that the movie’s a little too commercialized – and I agree… But the story’s good (although a little long) and the graphics are even better when witnessed on IMAX. If you have an IMAX theater near you, I URGE you to see this movie… and you also get to see a preview of a new 3D IMAX movie coming out next month ‘Aliens of The Deep’ that is produced by John Cameron… That looks pretty good too!

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I so want this!

Just found this while looking for the THX-1138 link on IMDB – I must have this! 10 CDs of Matrix material – all 3 movies, all bonus stuff, animatrix (which I haven’t seen) and it’a great price too!! This will be mine!!! 🙂 Sucks that it doesn’t come out until December 7th, I’d buy it this weekend!

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