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Still here, check out my live show! – TapDetroit.com – Mondays!

Yes, i’m still here, just been busy!! I do a LIVE show every week from the studio now in Detroit, it’s a different dynamic since i’m not doing my show from the basement by myself! You should listen! Here’s what’s on this week’s show: Monday’s Zaldor’s World LIVE on TapDetroit.com features an artist who’s been on Zaldor’s World twice previously with Telling Trixie and Derek and The Darling, but today he returns as a solo artist – Derek Nicoletto! He will be calling in during the 2nd hour to talk about his new album, Kind Ghosts, which is set to release on July 26th, 2011.

Also in studio for the entire show will be my good friend and partner in karaoke crime, Logan. He has quite a musical history, so we’ll be talking about his past, and his future as well.

As always, feel free to call in to the show to ask questions to Derek or Logan, or to bring up a topic! Join us in the chat room too, we’ll be happy to take questions there!

Mondays, 7pm-10pm ET – Zaldor’s World LIVE, right here on TapDetroit.com – Internet Radio, Detroit Style!

#415 – Broken Day Machine LIVE in NEW Studio!

Sorry for the long wait since 414 – but this is worth the wait!  It’s an edited version of the first episode I have done LIVE in the new studio (Studio 352) in Detroit – Had Scott and Will from Broken Day Machine in the studio to talk about their new music and play tracks acoustically!

Be sure to tune in EVERY Monday on TapDetroit.com for the unexpected Zaldor’s World LIVE – 7pm-10pm ET – You’ll never know what might happen!!



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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #415 – Broken Day Machine LIVE in NEW Studio!

#405 – A great mish-mash of great music

A great mish-mash of music, originally live on TapDetroit.com but brought to you in podcast form for your enjoyment!

Thanks to KB for the voice mail!

Music From:

Red Dirt Rangers
Vivid Point
JP Corwin
Kelley McRae
Dashboard Madonna

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #405 – A great mish-mash of great music

#400 – Zaldors World hits Episode 400!

#377 – Show the first show on Tapdetroit.com to me

Wanted to give you a taste of what the very first show of Zaldor live on TapDetroit.com was like – even got a call in during the intro – guess who it was? 

Remember, Zaldors World Live every Monday night 7p-10p ET on TapDetroit.com

Music From:

Rodney Carrington
Potty Mouth Sissys

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #377 – Show the first show on Tapdetroit.com to me

#371 – Lots of great stuff happening!

This episode brings me talking about what’s been going on, why i’m leaving BounceRadio, and what the future holds for a live version of Zaldor’s World… oh and NaPodPoMo too!

 Speaking of NaPodPoMo – going to try something new this year, video podacast, shorter shows, and YOU! Yes, I’d like you to call 877-ZALDOR-9 and tell me what you’re up to and what song you’d like to hear on Zaldor’s World!  So do it NOW so I can hear all about you and let the world know too!!

Voicemails from: Freaky CoWorker and JB Said

Music From:

The Band Split
The Public Good
Lost City Radio

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #371 – Lots of great stuff happening!