Music… Music… MUSIC!!

Forgot to mention the big thing I got myself this week… I was getting frustrated with my cd player I was using for working out, so I investigated MP3 players… Of course, the first one of choice is the iPod – but it’s a tad expensive… so I looked at others… iRiver, Creative Zen, Rio… I ultimately ended up with the Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 30GB Mp3 player… I FUCKING LOVE IT! I downloaded the 9gb of mp3s off my HD, and now i’m grabbing others I wanna put on there too… Talk about a music overload! Of course, with me, there is NO SUCH THING! I can never have enough music, and I think this year is gonna be exactly that… the year of music for me. I think 2005 is the year I come alive, in more ways than one… I feel like i’m in the starting gate, poised to jump at the bell – and never look back… So watch out! 🙂

Anyways, I got a little sidetracked there… I love my mp3 player!!!

Watching the ‘MusikMafia’ show on CMT right now, very cool – they all seem like nice guys (Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, etc) – and I could see fitting in with them well… It’s all about music – the fuel in my life – and I’ll be involved with it all year long… in fact, this april, Detroit’s having their first annual music conference (MotorCity Music Conference or MC2) – and I plan on being there, maybe starting my own little DetroitMafia or something… lol But I’m going, will be taking TONS of pictures, probably blogging onsite too… Gonna be a great time!!!

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  1. have you added bonamassa yet? and…would you be up for a little install work for me? I’ll pay you for your trouble!

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