Episode 520 – The Return Of Zaldors World!

Yes, yes, yes, I know it’s been a long time… and I’m back now, and i’m bringing you some updates, some great music from artists I found from TikTok, and maybe the promise of more episodes in the future if I can get this new equipment working like I want to!!  Keep listening and letting me know what you think!!!

Music From:

Poe The Passenger
Royale Lynne

If you want to reach me, email me at ZALDORPOD AT Gmail.com!

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Episode 519 : Kurt Harland of Information Society

Helping you get ready for the release of the new Information Society album “ODDFellows” on August 6th – This episode features a great interview with Kurt Harland of Information Society!

Look for a full review of the album early next week!

Some links to the music he mentioned:  Gesaffelstein 

Check out the interview I did with Paul Robb back in 2014

Be sure to subscribe to see more live podcasts: TwitchFaceBookYouTube

Here are a few old pics that Kurt sent me at the end of the show – with the Hack car:


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Zaldor’s World Episode 516

I’m back! Had a great time doing the live kick off on 2/5, and this episode was one that I recorded to test out the set up, but didn’t do it live!

Played music from:

Adam’s Attic

Coming soon – more live shows!

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Zaldor’s World 515: Strange Breed

Kicking off the LIVE Zaldor’s world, it’s a special interview episode with show regular, Strange Breed to come on and talk about his new album : The Cat!

We play 3 exclusive tracks from the album, as well as an on the spot performance of Raindrops! Also conversation about favorite music, and a new segment “Play or Pass”!

Had a lot of fun doing this, and looking forward to more LIVE shows soon!

Check out Strange Breed and be sure to presave his album!

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Zaldor’s World has returned!!

Yes, you saw that right – I just dropped a bomb, Zaldor’s World is returning to the old format, music and more! This show brings back new music, and some information too! Keep your feed up to date, be sure you’re subscribed for new episodes!!!

Music From:
Powerman 5000
Eva Under Fire
Information Society
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Almost end of 2017

Yep, it’s the last podcast of September, just giving a few updates and keeping you posted for more in the future… Be sure to check out Brian Vander Ark, he put on a great show at my buddy’s house in September!!
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4-22-2016 – Thoughts about Prince and his passing.

I’m a big Prince fan.. I was shocked to hear of his passing on 4-21-2016, and I still am a day later. My podcast is my thoughts, as well as some singing along too… Enjoy and Rest In Peace Prince Rogers Nelson. You will never be forgotten, may your music live on…

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#284 – Karaoke good-ness!

This episode features sounds from the bar I host karaoke at in Dearborn Heights, Michigan – Also has Air Guitar Dave joining me, before he got a little too drunk!  😉  

 Music from:

Track A Tiger

I Felt The Bullet Hit My HeartTrack A Tiger
“Don’t Let The Nightlight Dance” (mp3)
from “I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart”
(Deep Elm)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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More On This Album

Love Whip

Any Day in June – You can download his new CD for free at his site!


Staedler & Waldorf

No Way HomeStaedler&Waldorf
“Mode In Mind” (mp3)
from “No Way Home”
(Aardvark Records)

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #284 – Karaoke good-ness!

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#230 – Ready to ROCK!

Bringing you great rock tunes in this episode! Sprinkled in with some country co-worker voice mails, and my blabbering mouth that you can fast forward through too !

Music From:

Shadows Lie


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Streaming live KARAOKE tonight

OK, looks like still haven’t put out a podcast, but i’ve been busy!

Streaming my Karaoke hosting show from Somewhere Bar and No Grill in Wyandotte, MI – And it’s probably the last night it will be called that for Karaoke! Next weekend it will be under new owner, but i’ll still be hosting karaoke – and streaming too!!

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Somethings just don’t work out right!

Okay, so there hasn’t been any new stuff here since I last posted.. sorry!

However, I’ll be streaming live karaoke tonight, how about that for a consolation prize?

Why no new show? Well, I ended up filling in for The Dawg on The Industry on BounceRadio.net on Monday night from 8pm-11pm instead! It was a lot of fun, played a ton of industrial music, some covers by industrial artists, and even took a call!

Hope to put out a show this weekend – but don’t forget to check out the live streaming Karaoke tonight!

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Matthew Ebel house show postponed

Unfortunately I received disappointing news yesterday. Matthew Ebel has decided to postpone his spring tour across the mid-west, which included a stop near me at my friend Erik’s house.

If you happened to purchase tickets, your money will be refunded.

The good news is that he is planning on giving it another go in September – so stay tuned for details!
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This is AMAZING! New NIN!!

I am extremely happy to say that the next Zaldor’s World (Episode 204) will include a brand new Nine Inch Nails song! Yes, that’s right – Zaldor’s World will be legally playing Nine Inch Nails! Trent Reznor just released a new NIN full length album called, The Slip – all for free on NIN.COM !

The best part? He’s releasing it under a creative commons license and also giving explicit permission to play it on podcasts! Right from the site:

we encourage you to remix it,
share it with your friends,
post it on your blog,
play it on your podcast,
give it to strangers, etc.

That is something I thought I’d never be able to do – yet here it is, right on NIN.COM !
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New NIN!?!?!

New show soon, I promise! I just couldn’t wait to share this with you all!

Last night at the Beggars, Cetan Clawson Revolution, Bang Camaro show I got a text message from my good friend James at the Minutes After Midnight podcast – and he told me that there is a new NIN cd out!! It’s all instrumentals, and Trent is releasing it as a free download, or you can buy it for $5, $10, $75, or $300 for signed and vinyl copies! This is an incredible move by Trent, and i’m sure it will shake up the music industry even more! I’ll be buying my copy tonight!!!
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#190 – Top of the World!

It’s that time again, time for another top of the world mix! This episode is a bunch of genres mixed together, with some karaoke tunes thrown in for good measure… 🙂 Enjoy!

Special Thanks for Wander Wolf from Wander Radio for the awesome intro!!

ID from Lizette from Lizette&

Music From:

Jeff Coffey
S Apostrophe
Xray Dogs
Exceptional Edward
Mimic Of A Mind

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Check out Lennon on tour NOW!

Thought I’d share this video from a recent show in California by Lennon. She’s on tour doing shows on her own and opening up for Pat Benetar! Check her out if she comes to a town near you, I’m going to try to make it to the Detroit show on August 3rd!

Also, check out her site for her video tour diary too – great stuff from her on the road!

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#175 – Music to rise you up!

This episode is a special one – not only because there is only ONE Country Co Worker Voice mail, but because it was suggested by a listener, JBSaid! He suggested that I do a christian music based episode, and I found 4 great songs to send to you!

Not only that, but I also have the CCW telling us what the hell he’s listening to, and 2 karaoke songs from The Wander Wolf over at Wander Radio!

Music Played:

Sarah Bauer

Last Day



and Karaoke from Wander Wolf @ Wander Radio!

Podcasts Mentioned:

Most People Are DJ’s
Big Show Radio
Wander Radio

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#174 – Rockin’ into Memorial Day!

This episode features 4 great rockin’ tunes and lots of Country Co-Worker voice mails!

Stay tuned to the very end for a special karaoke surprise too…

Music from:

Radio Dogma
Suicide Holiday

Podcasts mentioned:

Wander Radio
UC Radio Podshow

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Live music on a subway

This is completely incredible! I often would love to bust out a song like this while in a public place (I have been known to sing while canoeing in the summer!) and get the crowd involved… But this is amazing! Check it out, live accapella performance in Paris by the group known as ‘Naturally Seven’

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8mm to be featured on Grey’s Anatomy tonight!

If you remember last year, I interviewed the band 8MM from their show in Detroit. I also reviewed their recent release, Songs to Love and Die By back in September for BlogCritics.Org Well, I just received word from their record label, Curbappeal Records that he band will be featured today (Thursday 2/8/07) on Grey’s Anatomy with a huge placement that plays the entire song! This is incredible exposure for this incredible band! You might also want to check out their video the the song ‘Stunning.’ It was made entirely on Juliette (the singer’s) cell phone! Very cool!

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