#343 – Zaldor brings the dance

This episode brings much music and much segments/voice mails!  I provide an update to what happened after the questioning, and play some great music to check out!

Thanks to Hoo Hoo Nick, CCW, and Joey Walkabout for their great segments/voicemails!

Music from:

Candy Rose (facebook)
Latent Anxiety
The Unravelling

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #343 – Zaldor brings the dance

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#311 – Thoughts for 2009 : “See Ya!”

The final episode of 2009!  I play some of the great bands from my show in 2009, and get some 2009 thoughts from four great Detroit podcasters!

On the show:

Emmett – Muckles Entertainment, Journey Of One

Chris – Collected Comics Library

Jasper – Plan Nine Rock Show, Good Clean Fun

MikeL OD – Most People Are Digital Junkies

Music Played:

Candy Rose
Nine Inch Nails
Broken Day Machine
Telling On Trixie
Stars Go Dim
The Dreaming

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #311 – Thoughts for 2009 : “See Ya!”

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#310 – Interview with Candy Rose

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!  


This episode is a great interview I did with singer/songwriter from London, England – Candy Rose!  Her style of music is similar to Madonna, Alicia Keys, and she takes influence from Michael Jackson as well as the Foo Fighters!  Very good interview, worth the listen!


Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #310 – Interview with Candy Rose

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