#343 – Zaldor brings the dance

This episode brings much music and much segments/voice mails!  I provide an update to what happened after the questioning, and play some great music to check out!

Thanks to Hoo Hoo Nick, CCW, and Joey Walkabout for their great segments/voicemails!

Music from:

Candy Rose (facebook)
Latent Anxiety
The Unravelling

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #343 – Zaldor brings the dance

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2 thoughts on “#343 – Zaldor brings the dance”

  1. That was an awesome intro. Very creative, and zen-like. 😀

    It was cool to hear more about what happened with the whole jail situation. Hopefully that is the end of it.

    The story that Hoo Hoo Nick told was hysterically funny!

    You said you “rolled a 19 on the dexterity” so you can text and drive. Yay for D&D references! I really dig the “I Am My Avatar” song! That rocked!

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