#311 – Thoughts for 2009 : “See Ya!”

The final episode of 2009!  I play some of the great bands from my show in 2009, and get some 2009 thoughts from four great Detroit podcasters!

On the show:

Emmett – Muckles Entertainment, Journey Of One

Chris – Collected Comics Library

Jasper – Plan Nine Rock Show, Good Clean Fun

MikeL OD – Most People Are Digital Junkies

Music Played:

Candy Rose
Nine Inch Nails
Broken Day Machine
Telling On Trixie
Stars Go Dim
The Dreaming

Direct Download

Zaldor’s World Podcast : #311 – Thoughts for 2009 : “See Ya!”

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One thought on “#311 – Thoughts for 2009 : “See Ya!””

  1. I enjoyed the song by Candy Rose. The song by Stars Go Dim was so heartbreakingly beautiful that I listened to it three times. I might have to include them on my Inside My Head podcast sometime.

    Very nice to hear Emmett Muckles on your show again! I like listening to the ambient noise / you are there type of stuff on podcasts. Always interesting.

    Happy (belated) 2010!

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