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Streaming Live Karaoke TONIGHT!

Yes, you may know that I host Karaoke in Wyandotte, Michigan at Somewhere Bar And No Grill – Well, the bar will be changing ownership soon, so we’re giving Somewhere Bar a great send off the next two weekends! I’ve been streaming the Karaoke live on the nights when I host – well tonight, I’ll be hanging out on a night I don’t host – and streaming it all live from my laptop! My good friend Jim will be hosting and we’ll be probably tag-team hosting it all night.

Since I’ll have a seperate laptop for the stream, I’ll be able to provide commentary while it’s happening – and add even more to the fun!

Be sure to tune in TONIGHT (Saturday 5/11) for the fun at

Be sure to sign up for an account on Ustream – you can chat with your own handle so we know who you are!!

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Getting the creativity juices flowing again…


Thanks to Ed Roberts for sharing this great post from CC Chapman (of Accident Hash) via Google Reader!  This really hit things on the head for me, as lately i’ve been struggling with creativity.  I need to find a way to spark the creativity more often and bring it back to the forefront.

A few things that I find that do spark the creativity for me:

  • – Spending time with my son, Trent, doing fun things
    • (video games, for example)
  • – Listening to music
  • – Playing video games alone or online (which reminds me, I now have a computer that will let me play Neverwinter Nights 2!)
  • – Writing blog posts
  • – Photography (something i’d like to do even more of)
  • – Podcasting
  • – Walking/working out while listening to mp3 player cranked up as loud as possible
  • – Web page programming, computer building, learning linux

These are just a few of things that pop in my head and I hope to do more of in the future, especially now that the weather is finally warming up! The problem is, I haven’t done much of the above lately – and I can tell the difference!

Many people tend to the importance of exercising your muscles, but not many talk about exercising your creativity… This is something that should be just as important as regular exercise, as without creativity, your mind tends to become mush… at least that’s what happens to me.

Also, while I was looking for an image for this post, I stumbled upon this great LifeHack post about rejuvenating your creativity!

So I’m taking this inspiration from CC‘s post as my “kick in the ass” and going to work on starting up exercising my creativity!!

Thanks again to Ed and CC!

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Heading out- Live show from remote location soon!

baltimore_graphicThat’s right, i’m heading outta town this weekend – going to Baltimore for my day job, should have time on Monday night to do a live show from the hotel – or maybe a live show Sunday night when i’ll be having dinner with Aaron from Blind with Rain and Cheri Arnett!  Should be a good time, looking forward to meeting them.

Keep posted to this web site, I’ll put out information if I’m doing a live show here and also on my Twitter feed!

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Happy Birthday To Me…

2095, 2095, 2095, 2095
I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly…

I sent a message to another time
But as the days unwind, this I just can’t believe
I sent a note across another plane
Maybe it’s all a game, but this I just can’t conceive.

Can you hear me?

I drive the very latest hovercar
I don’t know where you are
But I miss you so much till then
I met someone who looks a lot like you
She does the things you do
But she is an IBM.

2095, 2095, 2095, 2095
I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly…

She’s only programmed to be very nice
But she’s as cold as ice
Whenever I get too near
She tells me that she likes me very much
But when I try to touch
She makes it all too clear.

She is the latest in technology
Almost mythology
But she has a heart stone
She has an I.Q. of 1001
She has a jumpsuit on
And she’s also a telephone.

2095, 2095, 2095, 2095
I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly…

Is that what you want? (Is it what you want?)
Is it what you really want? (Is it what you really want?)
Is that what you want? (Is it what you want?)
Is it what you really want?

I realize that it must seem so strange
That time has rearranged
But time has the final word
She knows I think of you, she reads my mind
She tries to be unkind
She knows nothing of our world

Although her memory banks overflow
No one would ever know
For all she says: “Is that what you want?”
Maybe one day I’ll feel her cold embrace
And kiss her interface
‘Til then, I’ll leave her alone.

I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly…


“Is that what you want?”

…. ‘Yours Truly, 2095’ – E.L.O.

(Hear the song at the end of Hoo Hoo Nick’s Podcast from 11/27/2006!)

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Stuff Happens!

Interesting happenings… Just got a call from Randy about the gig audition from Monday, we got the gig! But it’s not until December! Well, it’s better than not getting it!!

Also, went out to the pool today, Trent’s swimming and I thought I’d try to see if my laptop would stretch out to the pool… and behold! I am typing this poolside… very cool. Damn wireless is great 🙂

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Big exciting news today

But I don’t wanna let the cat out of the bag just yet… Lets just say there are plans in the works for me to interview the lead singer of one of my favorite Canadian bands from the 80’s/90’s… And if you’re a music fan from back then, you’ve heard them… Their big hit came out in 1987… I’ve seen them in concert twice (both in Windsor) and have all their CDs! He’s given me the okay to play any of their songs, so I’ll probably play one on the next podcast… Stay subscribed!

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Sever flesh and bone and offer it to me

Got back from the NIN: With Teeth listening party – good album – not as good as I’d hoped, but still glad I bought a pre-release copy of it! It’ll still be a good album, and probably will sound better the 2nd or more time around…

Got quite a bit of audio from the trip, so I’ll slice that up and serve it to you soon… so that means I’ve got some good interesting podcasts coming your way in the coming days… stay tuned!!

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I’m gonna get so high

Happy Easter everybody out there in the internet world!

Hope everyone had a great day! Just got home, and coming down from the sugar high… lol

Ever notice how when ya eat a row of peeps, you get this horrible sugar headache for a minute or two? OH MY GOD…. oh… wait… it’s still easter, I shouldn’t be saying ‘god’… nor should I swear… shit. Man, I’m gonna go to hell I’m sure… damn.

Ummm… okay, well… hopefully I’ll be around tomorrow, unless god strikes me down tonight for saying the shitty words that I’ve been saying… ummm…

Happy Easter Everybody!


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I want to watch it come down

Ok, my last podcast I said that I probably wouldn’t have another one for a few more days – but decided to make another one sooner than that! And this is 1/2 the length and size! Who says length/size doesn’t matter?

So here’s Zaldor’s World #2!

This podcast takes you on the journey from work to picking up Trent, and dinner with Trent… And I close with the song Kirk McFee said he liked the most of all his songs, Purple Room. Enjoy!

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Covered in hope.. and vaseline…

Well, I had thought about making another podcast tonight, but didn’t turn out that way.

Maybe will do one in a day or so – I need to improve the abysmalness that was my first podcast! I’m sorry for the poor quality of the ‘mobile’ recordings, i’m working on fixing that – but it’s not really designed to be cd-quality, more like something to give you a taste of what it feels like to be there… and I hope, even with the poor quality, you could tell that.

I’m open to any and all constructive criticism, suggestions, or anyone that wants me to just shut the hell up… Post a comment!!

The weekend was good – lots of Karaoke (as you heard some if ya listened to the Podcast), and Finding Nemo on Ice today… That was good, but pretty much just the movie on ice… Still worth the money, and Trent enjoyed it – which is what’s important!

Back to work tomorrow, ugh – I feel it’s gonna be a hell of a week too.

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the me that you know he doesn’t come around much – that part of me isn’t here anymore

Real quick – before I leave for work… after work last night, and after my workout, I went out and bought a digital voice recorder… and let me tell you, it’s gonna be fun! I must have recorded about 2 hours worth of raw stuff, now this weekend I’ll be condensing it into 5-10 minutes, just to give all of the world a little sample of what they might expect on Zaldor’s Podcast… I plan on it being a combination of mobile stuff (interviews, music, stuff – out on the road), and just banter… it should be interesting and entertaining… So stay tuned, I’ll try to get the Podcast prequel (?) out by the end of the weekend!

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i’ve done all i can do, could i please come with you?

Last night my mom and I took Trent out for his 7th Birthday dinner – He picked the place, Red Robin! And just like last year (he picked it last year too), they sung ‘happy birthday’ to him!


This time they sung it to the theme from ‘The Flintstones’ – Very good!! 🙂

Had a great time, he loved eating the onion rings


– but didn’t eat much of the ice cream sundae he got for his birthday…

Strange how my son’s not a big cake and ice cream fan… guess it’s not a bad thing though 🙂

After we got home, he received a few more presents – I was so geeked that the stuffed Sonic The Hedgehog I bought for him arrived today!


It was shipped all the way from Hong Kong!


Of course, all fun and no work isn’t good – so after he opened his presents, he had to do some math homework… 😉

But all in all, a great birthday dinner… 🙂

I still find it hard to believe that 1) I actually have a son and 2) that he’s turning seven today!! He is truly the greatest thing in my life, and i’m so glad that he’s here, and I am extremely proud of him and how well he is becoming a smart, funny, fun, intelligent, and great all around boy. I look forward to each day I get to spend with him, and wish I could spend more with him than I already do!

Happy Birthday Trent – May you have many many many more fun birthdays!! I LOVE YOU!

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