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  1. Hi,
    I also signed up for kSolo… my singing is nothing to write home about, but I’m trying to build a little community for kSolo.com. I’m hoping if enough people speak together we can get them put in some hard-missed features.

    If you’re interested, please take a look at http://kSolo.marcofrom.com/ 🙂


  2. ARGHHHH!!!!! I signed up too, and can’t even do a mic test, or any recording! I record on my computer all the time so have no idea what is going on. I tried KSolo about a month ago and it was working then, but the vocal quality was terrible. This motivated me to purchase a Griffin iMic which now gives me awesome quality recording normally with the software I use… but I don’t think KSolo likes my iMic! Wahh.

    I’ve contacted KSolo with details of the problem so hopefully they can help. In the meantime Marco – I’m interested in checking out your site (going after I submit this!!) It will be great to get to know others involved and yeah, get KSolo to make the site better in some ways… Like let me do some recording darnit!!!!!!!!!

    Sing ya guts out guys 🙂

    Cheers, Leanne
    My KSolo page: http://www.ksolo.com/melodygem

  3. I’m also doing the 7-day free trial on kSolo, but it won’t save my songs!! What’s up with that?? Do you know?

  4. Yeah, i have the same problem as kylee! well im not sure if it does, i hav dsl, but it takes forever to upload, even if its only 30 seconds! and it wont let me playback.


  5. Same problem as Kylee ,,,, I’m also doing the 7-day free trial on kSolo, but it won’t save my songs!! What’s up with that?? Do you know?

  6. how to get this fixed please? I signed up to this ksolo.com service, and everything seems to work fine, but once I try to record something it goes on and on and on recording and it never saves any of it, anyone in the know of this?

  7. Your computer does not have the correct sound cards…I fixed the problem by buying the “Soundblaster Live!” by Creative…works great…my name is Stacy from DE, when you get on check me out and drop me a line so that I can take a listen!

    Hope to listen to you all soon!!


  8. hi. joined and paid for my annual fee 2 days ago in Ksolo. It was working fine at that time. But now I cant even connect to any of their site.
    Help please.

  9. PLEASE HELP!!!!! i cannot get the player to work on this xfactor site, it freezes and does not record, admin have not answered my phone call or email, would be grateful for some help here please as i paid for subscription but have lost 2 days now. my pc is under a yr old and have all the recommended stuff needed for the site so do not know why its not workin, does anyone else have problems with it ?
    if u can help please email jarael@hotmail.co.uk

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