Tis beginning to look a lot like christmas…

Took Trent (and my mom too) to see Polar Express in 3-D @ IMAX tonight, and let me say, having seen both theater and IMAX versions, the IMAX is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Had I known it was that good, I would have seen that instead of the theater release. I know some people say that the movie’s a little too commercialized – and I agree… But the story’s good (although a little long) and the graphics are even better when witnessed on IMAX. If you have an IMAX theater near you, I URGE you to see this movie… and you also get to see a preview of a new 3D IMAX movie coming out next month ‘Aliens of The Deep’ that is produced by John Cameron… That looks pretty good too!

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One thought on “Tis beginning to look a lot like christmas…”

  1. “Aliens of the Deep” looks pretty darn cool…will have to put that on my list of movies to
    see. No, not another literal list, only really have one list going right now. 😉

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