It’s Christmas Time

Yes, it’s that time again, The most fattening time of the year! 😉

It’s Christmas eve – all the presents are bought… I think. … Got dinner with the family all weekend… Ugh.

This year I’ve been in a fairly good christmas mood, I’ve actually been listening to christmas music a lot – but not your average christmas music (like the one above, for example!). Not sure why I downloaded all the christmas music I did – but I did… And listened to it at work, in the car, and even sung a bunch of christmas karaoke songs! I loved doing ’12 redneck days of christmas’!!

So I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve been in the christmas spirit, even if it is just the music. Last few years I really haven’t been in much of the spirit… so maybe this is “babysteps”.

I had some ideas for some profound writing here a day or two ago, now I can’t remember what I wanted to write… don’t ya hate that?

Maybe it’ll come to me in a while…

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