Live music on a subway

This is completely incredible! I often would love to bust out a song like this while in a public place (I have been known to sing while canoeing in the summer!) and get the crowd involved… But this is amazing! Check it out, live accapella performance in Paris by the group known as ‘Naturally Seven’

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8mm to be featured on Grey’s Anatomy tonight!

If you remember last year, I interviewed the band 8MM from their show in Detroit. I also reviewed their recent release, Songs to Love and Die By back in September for BlogCritics.Org Well, I just received word from their record label, Curbappeal Records that he band will be featured today (Thursday 2/8/07) on Grey’s Anatomy with a huge placement that plays the entire song! This is incredible exposure for this incredible band! You might also want to check out their video the the song ‘Stunning.’ It was made entirely on Juliette (the singer’s) cell phone! Very cool!

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8mm – Songs To Love And Die By – Released 9/26!

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8mm is Sean and Juliette Bevan. Their names may not look familiar to you, but you may have heard the music that Sean has produced. He has been involved with Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, Thrice, and many other well-known bands. This husband and wife duo was formed while Sean was producing Kill Hanna’s For Never And Ever, and the band made the last minute request to add female backup vocals. It just so happened that Juliette stopped by the studio and was asked to help. She had never sung in front of Sean before, and everyone was floored by her sultry yet delicate voice. This was the inspiration for Sean to create this downtempo and trip-hop project, and 8mm was formed.

In 2004, 8mm quietly released their 6 song EP, Opener. The band’s down-tempo trip-hop with a dark, haunting, and seductive sound quickly generated a local underground buzz in Los Angeles, and attracted the attention of the LA Times, Internet word-of-mouth, and Nic Harcourt of KCRW who “Got 8mm and put it on the air the next day.”

2005 and 2006 were very busy for 8mm, which saw their popularity gain momentum with ranking in the Top 3 of MySpace in Downtempo and Trip-Hop, plays on many podcasts, as well as a nationwide tour which they booked with the help of their MySpace friends.

September 26th marks the long awaited release of their first full length CD, Songs to Love and Die By on the newly formed Curb Appeal Records. The CD features two of the songs from their Opener EP (“Never Enough”, “Give It Up”), and eight new songs.

Nine of the songs feature the beautiful voice of Juliette, which has been described as a cross between “Billie Holiday and Jessica Rabbit,” and the first track, “No Way Back” gives the listener a wonderful introduction to Juliette’s hypnotic voice.

As the songs progress, you will become more and more enthralled by the breathtaking voice of Juliette and the guitar groove that Sean produces. The first single, “Stunning,” could easily be featured on a movie soundtrack as the credits roll by. In fact, many of 8mm’s songs could be included in a movie soundtrack, they sound that good.

At track six, “Liar”, the music slows even more for a slight acoustic break where Juliette sings about someone who is lying about the love they once had.

The CD then continues the dark, yet beautiful down-tempo weave, leaving you with the final track, which is sung by both Sean and Juliette, “Forever and Ever Amen.” This song is slightly different than the other songs, with it’s piano instead of guitar, yet it still keeps the core 8mm feel. Keep listening to the end of the last song, there is an additional 11th track, which is strictly acoustic guitar with Sean and Juliette singing along about an adventure between heaven and hell.

As I stated earlier, 8mm has a huge following on MySpace, with even an official remix page featuring remixes of “Stunning,” and with more to come in the future.

I have enjoyed 8mm since I first heard them on a fellow Detroit Podcaster’s show, >Digital Detroit Radio. After listening to his show, I quickly bought the EP and looked forward to this full length, as well as a future tour. I have played 8mm’s songs on my own podcast, Zaldor’s World, as well and I was even fortunate enough to interview Sean and Juliette in April of 2006 for my podcast (Episode 102), when they played in Pontiac, Michigan. They are just as incredible and hypnotic live as they are on the CD, and they are the most friendliest people you could meet. This CD should expose their incredible songs to an even wider audience and give them the attention they so deserve. 8mm will be touring again in 2007, they’re well worth going to see if you enjoy their music, and feel free to say “Hi” to them and tell them how much you enjoy their music – They’d love to meet you!

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New show soon

Hey – Don’t think I have forgotten about you! I was almost ready to record a show tonight, but had a minor video card computer crisis here. All is well, but I’ll be recording the show tomorrow – hope to have it up late on Friday night! Episode 105 will feature the interview with Not_Digital as well as 2 other great industrial tracks! It’s the return of the Industrial Zaldor’s World!

BTW, to the spammer that’s been hitting my blog with a ton of messages: Give it up, WP catches every single one. LOL

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Calling ALL Musicians!!

If you make any kind of music, regardless if it’s what I play or not – you must read this article about Dymystifying Podcasting!! It gives you a good view of podcasting, why you should be submitting your songs, and what benefits you will have by the incredible marketing platform of podcasting. I urge you – no, I demand that you read this article!!

Also, if you do submit your music to a podsafe repository, please let me know! I’ll be happy to promote you and your music to other podcasts, as well as my own!

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Preview Lennon’s new album: “Damaged Goods”

As you might know, i’m a huge Lennon fan – and I’m quite excited to share this with all of you – it’s a preview of her new album, Damaged Goods!

The album rocks, I love the first track! Check it out, and enter the contest too!


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Lennon in Detroit on Friday 2-17-06

I interviewed her on Episode 61, and she’ll be in Detroit on Friday (2-17)! So if you’re in the Detroit area, and want to check out an amazing female artist – Go to Smalls in Hamtramck on Friday 2-17-06! I’ll be there, as will some of my friends too! The show is more based off her ‘Career Suicide’ CD, so it will be very personal – I’m looking forward to hearing and meeting her! See you there!!

Shannon Curfman/Lennon Tour!

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My “dream” from 3 years ago, is coming true

With podcasting, things I talked about back in 2003 are finally becoming possible:

“The question is, of those 150+ cds I bought, how much money went to the actual artist who made the music? Probably not much. So here’s my thought – what if next time you download mp3s of a good song, album, whatever – you give that money DIRECTLY to the artist? Maybe via mail, pay-pal account, in person, western union, whatever way you can. That way – it circumvents the RIAA, the marketing companies, etc. Any thoughts?? I think it’s a great idea… Imagine people giving money to the artists who hit the drums of a great drum solo via a pay-pal account set up for him?”

The tide is changing, and podcasting is leading the way… Many independant artists are being heard all over the globe because of podcasting, and it’s possible that we could see the first music artist played on a podcast sell over 1 million records… all due to podcast play!!

If’ you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re missing out on the next wave in radio – Better than terrestrial radio, better than Satelite radio – and you can even create your own podcast to join in on the fun!

So check out podcasts at my site (Zaldor’s World), AMP, Podcast Pickle , Detroit Podcasters Network, Podcast Outlaws, PodNova, Odeo , and others!

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Back in the Car for a Car-Cast – Episode #62!

Episode #62!

It’s been a while since I did a car-cast, so I thought I’d take the equipment along for the ride on my karaoke hosting gig – Talked about Podsafe music, karaoke, and more!

Music Played:

The Dreaming
Creepshow 1977

And even threw in a karaoke medley from the night, just for good measure!

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Help The Red Cross Katrina Relief and get great music!

CD Baby has gathered up many of their artists which have agreed to donate the entire wholesale price to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund – With music ranging from Electronic to Spoken Word, there should be a CD for everyone!

Go here to see the list of genres, buy some great music, and help the Red Cross

(Also posted to

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Important Announcement!

Simulcast Information

Record your own karaoke online !

Just found a cool way of recording your karaoke versions online… – I just signed up for the 7 day free trial (should have waited until after midnight, as I’m down to 6 days now!) and I did a couple recordings – you can have a listen here!

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NIN Tickets!!!

Today I purchased my tickets for the big NIN show on Oct 8th at Joe Louis arena!! I’ve got 2 general admission (floor) tickets – and since i’m a NIN Spiral (fan club) member, I’m able to use a special member only entrance, and am able to enter in earlier than the general public! 🙂 I can’t wait until Oct!!!! 🙂

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NIN Announces tour dates!

This is way cool – better than I had hoped! NIN just announced the fall US tour dates, and they’re coming to Detroit (of course) on October 8th and playing at Joe Louis Arena!! Much better (IMHO) than the Palace… Queens of the Stone Age are opening up for NIN… also very cool! As soon as tix go on sale… I’m buyin’ floor! 😉

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Yes – Yet another Star Wars -Cast

Podcast # 25 –

I did a podcast just about the trip to see Star Wars with Trent on Wed/Thurs at 12:01 – Enjoy!

Star Wars Episode 3 Released!

Went and saw the midnight show of Star Wars Episode 3 with Trent tonight, and it was incredible! Well worth the wait, but wish Lucas would do more! I’ll have a podcast of the event later this week! 🙂

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You’ve finally found the place where you belong…With Teeth

With Teeth - NIN
In case you haven’t been playing along, today is the official release date of ‘With Teeth’ by Nine Inch Nails! The long awaited follow up to ‘The Fragile’ and I’m on my way to pick up my copy! Of course, I’ve already heard it, and it’s growing on me – looking forward to listening to the Dual Disc version…

And I guess this also means I have to start thinking up titles again… *sigh* 😉

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There is no you, there is only me

Look – it’s a non-podcast post! 😉

Just wanted to put a post up about Nine Inch Nails – the album, ‘With Teeth’ comes out on Tuesday (May 3rd)!! I’ll be picking up my copy after work, have to drive to Ferndale to get it though! I’ve been listening to the album, and it’s starting to grow on me – I think I’ll have this on a regular rotation in my car! If you want to hear the album – you can – go to NIN’s My Space page and have a listen

Lots of reviews too, of course – BlogCritics, News Tribune, MTV, Boston Herald – all gave the album great reviews! After listening to it without 2,000+ other people in the room, it does have a ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ sound to it, and I think it’s a welcome return of the sound!

The 2nd single, Only (which is where the subject line comes from), really has that feel – and almost sounds like Trent Reznor’s new favorite band, LCD Soundsystem… The video for the song is being directed by the director of ‘Fight Club’, David Fincher. Should be an interesting video too – lots of CG effects…

I’m excited, even though I’ve already heard the album – It’s a good album, that will only get better! And I’m looking forward to seeing NIN in concert too, rocking out to the songs and moshing in the pit 😉

Also – the subjects, which won’t be NIN lyrics for much longer, will be from the new album from now until May 3rd – so you’ll have to listen to the album to figure out the song!

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I’m down to just one thing… and i’m starting to scare myself

It’s podcast #20! And still on the Local detroit wave, i’m featuring 3 great local bands that also played at the Motor City Music Conference last weekend!:

Dirty Americans

and the debut of Trent’s first song, Naked Crayons!

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A promise carved in stone

Podcast #19

It’s the last day of the Motor City Music Conference, and I’ve got one more interview to share – and one snippet of one panel that I attended.

Thanks for checking out my coverage of the first annual Motor City Music Conference!

Nadir / Distorted Soul

Clip from panel:
“So You Wanna Be a Rock Star”

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