#171 – Industrial Music on Zaldor’s World!

To celebrate the release of the new Nine Inch Nails record, I’m playing 4 great industrial/alternative tracks!

Also featured, more tales from The Country Co-Worker, as well as a new segment, what’s the “Country Co-Worker listening to?”

RIAA Pissed about Nine Inch Nails official “leaks”

Music Played:

Emma’s Mini (Magnatune)
Fanoe (Myspace)
Steaming Dookies (BigYellowHand)

Podcasts Mentioned:

Minutes After Midnight
Confessions Of A DJ
UC Radio Podshow
Outlaw Punk Cowboy Podcast

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3 thoughts on “#171 – Industrial Music on Zaldor’s World!”

  1. Blame it on the light beer! Country Co-Worker is right, I have got to go back to the sour mash.

  2. Wheee – Dogggieeeee….. Sour Mash! You ever had any of that Jail House Mash?

    All you need is 4 or 5 clear trash bags, some fruit, preferably all the same type, sugar, bread and water. Feed daily and wait 5 weeks, Strain and drink.

    You’ll do some real singin after that

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