#168 – Punk Rock galore!

Decided today that I’m gonna put out some punk rock, and came up with 4 great tunes! Ok, the first one isn’t punk rock as much as the others, but I felt it fit well with the other 3! Oh, and the country co-worker gives us all great advice about spring and driving a truck!

Check it out!

Music from:

Isa and The Filthy Tongues
Louis XIV

Sites/Podcasts Mentioned:

Confessions of A DJ
Insomnia Radio:Detroit
The Redboy Podcast

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#167 – The Mash-up of Musical genres!

The Mash up of all sorts of music – from Rock/Ska to Disco to Pop to just great music!

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Mike @ UC Radio pays up his bet – check out his episode 157!

Rock The Net!!!

Music From:

Phil Common: BUY NOW!

Scarlet Blonde:

Plans To Leave: BUY NOW!

Sea City Dolls: BUY NOW!

Podcast Mentioned:

Ghetto Voices

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#166 – The Definitely Episode!


Intro by the dummy in the movie Dead Silence!
A word that I said way too much in this episode, in fact, I challenge someone to tell me how many times I said it!

This episode features some great alternative power rock songs from 4 great bands!

Also I talk about the bet with UC Radio Podshow, and when he’ll be paying up!

Don’t Forget about Bum Rush The Charts on March 22nd!!

And check out Trent’s first video blog entry at The T-Rent Show!

Music Played:

She Craves
Chelsey Austin
JP Corwyn

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#165 – Slowing it down, but no sign of stopping!

It’s my 2 year anniversary show!

Yeah, nothing special about it – but it’s still a cool milestone!!

Lots of great music in this episode, and talk from me about Twitter, Karaoke being banned in a town in Georgia, and how the Red Wings kicked The King’s ass, and some thoughts from the country co-worker!!! 🙂

Also – looking for song suggestions for next Top of Zaldor’s World (170)? Email me!

Music Played:

Zack Weber – In Your Head
search party – Rose on a Grave
The more escapes – foolia
Run To Sandy – Bravery March

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#164 – Interview with Nick Black

This is a special episode – an interview with Nick Black, one of the members of the band, Nick Black. We discuss the music, the album Hollow, the tour, and the future!
(Podsafe Music Network Link)

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