#172 – Country Co-worker reviews shows!

Ok, not being stuck up or anything, I think this was one of my better shows – I had a lot of fun doing it, and I didn’t have to talk most of the show! Why? Because I had 4 (yes FOUR) Country Co-Worker (CCW) voice mails! But have no fear, I still had time to include 4 great songs, and my Twitter experience and shout-outs!

Twitter Shout outs to:

Scott (Insomnia Radio: San Francisco)
Jazmyn (Magikjaz)
DJ Jeff (Confessions of a DJ Podcast)
AndyCaster (AndyCast Podcast)
Charles (Insomnia Radio:Socal)
Jason (Insomnia Radio)

Music Played:

Starving For Gravity

Podcasts Mentioned:

Jimmy Jett
Confessions of A DJ (West North Zaldor)
UC Radio Podshow (West Coast Zaldor)

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One thought on “#172 – Country Co-worker reviews shows!”

  1. I would like to apply for the Zaldor South. Tell the country co-worker I play country music every now and then.

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