#170 – Top Of Zaldor’s Acoustic World (repost)

Sorry for the repost, problems with PodPress – AGAIN…

To help calm everyone down from the due date of taxes here in the USA, I thought I’d put together 8 great acoustic songs for the Top of Zaldor’s World!

Oh, for those who are not in the USA, you can still use this to calm yourself down! 😉

And hope that the comments/updates from the country co-worker don’t get you all worked up!! 😉

Music From:

Rachel McGoye
Phil Common
Cheri Arnett
Haile Loren

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2 thoughts on “#170 – Top Of Zaldor’s Acoustic World (repost)”

  1. Hey Les,

    Another great show! I really liked that one by Rachel McGoye, great song.

    And…… GO FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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