#169 – Music from all over!

I’m back for episode 169 – music from all over and great stuff too!

Thanks to Jeff @ Confessions of A DJ for the ID, and of course Tim McGraw for the episode intro! 😉 😉

Many voice mails in this episode, Mike @ UC Radio Podshow and The Country Co-Worker!!

Music played :

Paul Madden
Ellee Ven
Black Adam
Public Jones

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2 thoughts on “#169 – Music from all over!”

  1. Les,

    Wow! You know Tim McGraw? Can you introduce me to Faith?

    As usual, another good show. Lookin forward to that acoustic episode.

    And someone already grabbed confessionsofadj.com, I’ve reserved confessionsofadj.ca a year ago – I just need ta do som’in wit it.

    Oh yeah, and the Red Wings are gonna “Go Down In Flames”

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