Live music on a subway

This is completely incredible! I often would love to bust out a song like this while in a public place (I have been known to sing while canoeing in the summer!) and get the crowd involved… But this is amazing! Check it out, live accapella performance in Paris by the group known as ‘Naturally Seven’

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#163 – Get The Rock OUT!!

It’s that time. Time to get your aggressions out with some hard rock and roll – and this episode is going to give it to you!

I play 4 great songs that give ya the rock…

Intro by Dennis @ Web Axe

and here’s the bands:

The Addiction
Nick Black
Fallen Grace
Less Than Under

And come back for episode #164 for an interview with Nick Black!!

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#162 – The Show Must Go On!

Episode #162 is here with an intro from Matt @ Digital Detroit Radio and 4 great songs!

Music From:

The Divys
Felix Jones
Wil Deynes
Electron Love Theory

Podcasts / Sites Mentioned:

Bum Rush The Charts
Shutdown Day

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#161 – Rock & Blues with Cetan Clawson Revolution!

This episode is focused on the Rock & Blues – and features an interview with a great local band, The Cetan Clawson Revolution – This guy is 19 and really can play the guitar, and the band sounds like they’ve been playing for years, although it’s only been a few months! Check them out if you can!

I also talked about a new dancing craze, and the bet I have going with UC Radio on the next (and final) Red Wings vs Kings game in March!!

Music played:

The Cetan Clawson Revolution – White Heat
Stingray – Last Night
Train Rolls On

“Train Rolls On”
from “Train Rolls On”
by Mississippi Mudsharks
Double Barrel Records

More On This Album

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8mm to be featured on Grey’s Anatomy tonight!

If you remember last year, I interviewed the band 8MM from their show in Detroit. I also reviewed their recent release, Songs to Love and Die By back in September for BlogCritics.Org Well, I just received word from their record label, Curbappeal Records that he band will be featured today (Thursday 2/8/07) on Grey’s Anatomy with a huge placement that plays the entire song! This is incredible exposure for this incredible band! You might also want to check out their video the the song ‘Stunning.’ It was made entirely on Juliette (the singer’s) cell phone! Very cool!

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#160 – Top of The Country Co-Worker’s World

(Ok, posting this without PodPress activated, so can’t put the podpress player on this post!)

Here’s the audio!

Yes, the country co-worker snuck in and took over my show – and what a
mess he left! Before I heard it, I almost didn’t post this up as
#160, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!! My country
Co-worker put together a good play list for the top of Zaldor’s world,
6 good country tunes found at the podsafe music network!

Next time I need to remember that I invited him over… and to lock my
doors when I leave the house!!

Music Played:

77 South
Battery Life
Bird and Tines
Codie Prevost
James Taylor Curtis
Kelly Brock

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