3 thoughts on “#164 – Interview with Nick Black”

  1. AWESOME NICK…Im glad you put your interview up listened to every word and i see you had the ideas for the cartoon characters and had Brad make it out for you….Nick you have great ideas for what you actually want for your band and site..Very talented person Nick…Emotional things to say but saying exactly what you feel…Your whole creation of your band and music is exactly right about shit we all go thru one time or another..everyone will dig it believe me you have summed it up for all of us…i used to live in Detroit for 3 years and just moved from there to Texas i will die if you get out there and i miss you guys.Lived in Romulus right outside of airport 15 minutes to detroit…I like your “Sorry” song.its a favorite because thats you….No need to apoligize because you’re done…and moving on from that…wow i could go on and on…still listening to your interview Nick….have more to say again…but stopping for now to hear all of interview…good-nite..cindi

  2. Its great to see so many people discovering the talent of Nick Black and helping get their name out there 🙂 You rock as much as they do Zaldor!

    No one can deny they are an awesome band!

    Keep up the great work guys!

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