#167 – The Mash-up of Musical genres!

The Mash up of all sorts of music – from Rock/Ska to Disco to Pop to just great music!

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Mike @ UC Radio pays up his bet – check out his episode 157!

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Music From:

Phil Common: BUY NOW!

Scarlet Blonde:

Plans To Leave: BUY NOW!

Sea City Dolls: BUY NOW!

Podcast Mentioned:

Ghetto Voices

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2 thoughts on “#167 – The Mash-up of Musical genres!”

  1. Sointenly you didn’t say certainly as many times as definitely!

    However, I most assuredly and definitely like the Sea City Dolls…woohooo! 🙂

  2. Hey Bud,

    Another great show!! And c’mon, ya gotta have more listeners then you say you do.


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