#165 – Slowing it down, but no sign of stopping!

It’s my 2 year anniversary show!

Yeah, nothing special about it – but it’s still a cool milestone!!

Lots of great music in this episode, and talk from me about Twitter, Karaoke being banned in a town in Georgia, and how the Red Wings kicked The King’s ass, and some thoughts from the country co-worker!!! 🙂

Also – looking for song suggestions for next Top of Zaldor’s World (170)? Email me!

Music Played:

Zack Weber – In Your Head
search party – Rose on a Grave
The more escapes – foolia
Run To Sandy – Bravery March

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1 comment so far

  1. DJ Jeff March 15, 2007 9:52 AM

    Hey Les,

    Another great show!! Happy 2 year anniversary and on the same day as my birthday – awesome.

    BTW, Stephanie called me and she has a bad craving for some more canadian beer. So we’ll have to get her on COADJ soon, very soon. ’cause you know how she can get sometimes…… 😀

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