#156 – Back and ready for 2007!!

Yes! I’m back! Sorry for the delay in getting 156 out to you, it was a busy holiday season – but I survived! This episode I’ll be putting out some favorite songs from 2006, as well as my retrospective look at 2006 – and thoughts for 2007….

Show Notes:

00:05:06 KC Booker – Crackerjack (Previously Played on Episode 130)

Hoo Hoo Nick Podcast talks about Zaldor’s World (With Michael @ Rock & Roll geek)

LA Kings LOSE again to the Red Wings!! And No response from Mike @ UC Radio Podshow!!

00:14:17 Joe Bonamassa – Asking Around For You (Previously played on Episode 111)

00:20:21 8mm – No Way Back (Previously Played on Episode 102)

Lennon’s Podcast

00:28:46 Lennon – Rain (Previously Played on Episode 110)

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