The Women have their say…

It’s time for episode 110 of Zaldor’s World, recorded to and from my trip to see Joe Bonamassa on Sunday, June 4th!

Sponsored by Veggie Soy Candles!

Music Played:

Lennon – Rain
Laura Clapp (Podsafe Music Network) – Hey Sister Sister
Decention – Any Wet (From the FOAM CD)

Podcasts / sites Mentioned:

Short Fat Guy
Radio SpelJamr
Detroit Podcasters Network
AMP (Association of Music Podcasting
Podsafe Music Network


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One thought on “The Women have their say…”

  1. By the way, I’m not “obsessed”…I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Joe Bonamassa. If I were obsessed, my house would be nothing but Joe. And it’s a far cry from that. Sure, I have some things Joe, but mostly they’re buried under other blues stuff and rhino/orangutan items. Don’t ask. Just know I’m not obsessed.

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