The First Top Of The World !

It’s the debut of Top of Zaldor’s World – and who better to take my place because I’m busy packing and moving – but Stephanie! Yes, while I was packing, she came to life in my computer… Amazing what happens when you move all that dust building up in a computer! So here is the first Top of The Zaldor’s World – hope you enjoy the tunes – let me know!!

Also, thanks to Kilroy 2.0 from 7th Son podcast for the intro and to Trevor/Black Adam for the new theme!!

Music Played (in order):

Tourmaline – Mattituck
Breakwater – Another Day
Thundercracker – High Noon
KC Booker – Crackerjack
Souldriver – History
Thundercracker – It’s All The Same
Dirty Americans – Roll Like A Stone
Atomic Opera – Rain Parade
Anita – Perfectly Planned

Sites/Podcasts Mentioned:

7th Son Podcast
AMP/Association of Music Podcasting

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