Back from Camping

Well, got back from camping – had a blast! But haven’t been able to get a show done just yet! So going to be a little late on the show today! I’ll try to include some of the camping events as well!

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3 thoughts on “Back from Camping”

  1. You couldn’t have asked for better weather to enjoy the good company of friends both old and new. It rained before most of us got there, and rained after most of us left, but avoided us otherwise…

    There were many memorable musical moments (lol) during the weekend, and you really proved that he’s got the electronics part down, Les. Especially considering that you only get to experiment with different setups once each year! The location of the control-booth/picnic table was perfect for seeing security cruise in our general direction…it’s incredible that they didn’t once ask us to stop playing on Saturday night!

    The Canoe Jam never fails to offer a weekend of memories and fun in a unique environment. I thought that this was one of our best years, and we learn with each passing year how to improve the experience. I truly believe that next year will top them all so far, but it won’t be an easy feat!

    Thanks to all who joined us this year for making it so fun, and I hope every last one of you returns next year!

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