Acoustic for your soul

This weekend, I’ll be leaving Detroit and heading up for the annual camping trip on the Rifle River – So…For this episode, I thought I’d play some songs which would be like what I’ll be experiencing this weekend while camping. On Friday and Saturday night, we do open acoustic jams by the fire – and I’ll be recording as much as possible to share with you! So, this episode features acoustic songs, or near acoustic… Enjoy!!

Music Played:

Vince Smith
Joe Staples
The Dreaming

Sites Mentioned:

Zee And Zed
Detroit Podcasters Network
Association of Music Podcasters (AMP)

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One thought on “Acoustic for your soul”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the compliments, mighty kind of you. You’re welcome for the intro.

    Dug the song by The Dreaming, cool find. The violin really adds to the tune.

    Have a good time camping.

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