The Industrial World has returned!

It’s time again to bring the Industrial World back and show Jon at Industrial Radio what the world is missing with his lack of shows! Six great industrial songs, less talking from Les…

Music Played:

VNV Nation
7th Dimension
Chemlab vs Cyanotic

Podcasts/Sites Mentioned:

The Podaholics
Industrial Radio
Plan Nine Rock Show
The Rules podcast

Association Of Music Podcasting
Detroit Podcasters Network

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Three from a Banshee!

Reposting this due to some idiot hacking my site on Sun/Mon – Apologies if you already listened, but it’s still funny to listen for a 2nd time!

Episode 115 features my girlfriend, Elizabeth. We recorded it to and from the Lapidus gig on Friday night in Monroe! She picked out the songs, and takes over the show too! (Lizard’s World? Perhaps a new show..? Never know…) =)

Music Played:

Kate Brown

Detroit Podcasters Network (Meetup this Tuesday!)
Association Of Music Podcasting

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A sad day in the blogosphere… :(

As some of you might know, i’ve been a blogger long before I was a podcaster… I’ve been blogging since 2000-ish, and I’ve made a few friends, and some blogs I’ve been silent friends with… Unfortunately, the blogosphere lost one of the creators of a blog I knew from way back when… GutRumbles… Rob passed away yesterday and was found at 2am this morning by his son… 🙁

Rob was a man of many words, and he often spoke his mind… didn’t always say what you wanted to hear – but you could count on him to be honest! I found his site through my good friend DaGoddess, who was a good friend of Rob’s. She gives a better tribute than I could on her site…

Rest in Peace Rob… you will be missed.

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The Rock continues!

Episode 114 – Now with extra rock!

Here is the details on the camping trip at the end of July!

Location: River View Campground, Sterling Michigan (about 140 miles
from Detroit)

Dates Fri July 28 – Sun July 30th
(welcome to go up a few days earlier, and/or stay a few days later,
just let campgrounds know asap)

$12 per person/per night (16yr and older)
$2.50 per night (6yr-15yr)
Under six – FREE

$32 (Canoe/Double Kayak) (2-3 people can share canoe)
$24 (Single Kayak)
(Children 5 yrs. old and under are free & 6-15 yrs. old are $8.00 when
they are the third person in canoe.)

If you’re interested, email me at zaldorATgmailDOTcom with your details

Music Played:

Dirty Americans
The Flask
No Use For A Name

Sites Mentioned/Promos:

The Dawn And Drew Show
Hometown Invasion
Riverview Campground
Save The Internet
7th Son Podiobook
Infection Podiobook
The Podaholics
High Potency Music Podcast
AMP (Association Of Music Podcasting)
Detroit Podcasters Network

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Episode 113 – Rock on!

This episode is dedicated to the great rock podcasts of UC Radio Podshow and Plan Nine Rock Show! It features music that you might (or have) hear on their podcasts!

Music From:

Danko Jones – Sleep Is The Enemy, Rock Shit Hot
Bubble – Head Case, Deadender
Ray Street Park – Ten, Mouth

Podcasts Mentioned:

UC Radio Podshow
Plan Nine Rock Show
The Big Show
Bitjobs For The Masses
Most People Are Djs
Detroit Podcasters Network
Association of Music Podcasting (AMP)

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Episode 112 – The Comedy !

The “Comedy” episode! Recorded on the way to the Lapidus Gig at Cadieux Cafe in Detroit with my good friend, Vince Smith!

Music from:

Johnathan Coulton – CodeMonkey
Count Boogie – Tom Please Share
Joshua Grosvent – MySpace
Derek Sonderfan – That’s How We Do It (In The Suburbs)
Sudden Death – Ozzman
TV’s Kyle – Cubicle
Simon Lawrence – Morrissey Minor

Podcasts/Sites Mentioned:

Black Adam
Vince Smith
Comic Book Noise
Most People Are DJs

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Zaldor sings the blues!

It’s an all blues show – with the man who I saw last sunday, Joe Bonamassa, kicking it off in his awesome style!

Music Played:

Joe Bonamassa – Asking Around For You
Jen Elliott – Bring Me Down
Stone Apple – James Brown
Jody Raffoul – Don’t Let Go

Podcasts Mentioned:

High Potency Music podcast (intro from Tim)
UC Radio Podshow
Ruby Fruit Radio

Here’s my Myspace page – add me !

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The Women have their say…

It’s time for episode 110 of Zaldor’s World, recorded to and from my trip to see Joe Bonamassa on Sunday, June 4th!

Sponsored by Veggie Soy Candles!

Music Played:

Lennon – Rain
Laura Clapp (Podsafe Music Network) – Hey Sister Sister
Decention – Any Wet (From the FOAM CD)

Podcasts / sites Mentioned:

Short Fat Guy
Radio SpelJamr
Detroit Podcasters Network
AMP (Association of Music Podcasting
Podsafe Music Network


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Back from almost 1 week away – and have some great industrial music to share! I was inspired from the Movement: Detroit Electronic Music Festival during Memorial Day! Check out my pics from there!

Music Played:

ChemLab – Binary Nation (ChemLab vs Kill Memory Crash mix)
Die Warzau – Insects
Blind With Rain – I Kiss The Air, The Sky
Vendetta Blitz – The Vendetta

Podcasts mentioned:

The Podiholics

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Episode 108 – Crazy at Malarky’s

Recorded live from Malarky’s in Westland, Michigan – It’s episode 108! Bringing you 3 great new tunes, and a whole lot of crazyness from Tony’s going away party!

Music Played:

Indulge – Dear Mom And Dad (Change of Plans)
Mad Science Fair – No Room for Error
Granian – Contagious

Podcasts / Sites Mentioned:

Redboy Podcast
Association of Music Podcasting (AMP)

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