Live from River View Campgrounds 2006!

Episode 124 – with segments recorded at camping at the end of July, 2006 on Rifle River Campgrounds in Sterling Michigan!

Live music from Randy & Jerry of Lapidus
Desert Renaissance (Jerry, Chris, and Brett)
Jim M. on the keyboards
and more (Camp Karaoke with Terri and Heather!)!

Hear what you missed!

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4 thoughts on “Live from River View Campgrounds 2006!”

  1. My Oh My. I thought it sounded a lot better the night of, but that could have been the 13 beers I suppose…

    It was fun though. Thanks for recording all of that.

  2. Terri and I were tearing it up! We need some lessons from Jan!
    Thanks for letting us relive the weekend Les.

  3. DR…..lovin’ the unplugged version. Keep workin’ babies!!!!!!!!

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