The Invasion has begun – Welcome to Episode 101

After a week away, I bring to you the new Zaldor’s World – Prepare to be invaded!

(Sponsored in part by: Veggie Soy Candles!)

Music By:

Frank Klepacki

Blame Amy

Podcasts Mentioned:

Digital Detroit Radio
Collected Comics Library
7th Son Podcast – Incredible Podiobook! Must listen if you enjoy Sci Fi!!!!!!

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1 comment so far

  1. Lizard Queen May 4, 2006 9:28 AM

    Alrighty…I am so going to listen to the podiobook now. That song by Granian is awesome.

    And HOLY CRAP…thank you so much for making me laugh like an idiot making my new co-workers wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Good thing they already know me or they’d think I was a total weirdo. They know I’m just a partial weirdo.

    You are definitely goofy! 😛