The Invasion has begun – Welcome to Episode 101

After a week away, I bring to you the new Zaldor’s World – Prepare to be invaded!

(Sponsored in part by: Veggie Soy Candles!)

Music By:

Frank Klepacki

Blame Amy

Podcasts Mentioned:

Digital Detroit Radio
Collected Comics Library
7th Son Podcast – Incredible Podiobook! Must listen if you enjoy Sci Fi!!!!!!

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One thought on “The Invasion has begun – Welcome to Episode 101”

  1. Alrighty…I am so going to listen to the podiobook now. That song by Granian is awesome.

    And HOLY CRAP…thank you so much for making me laugh like an idiot making my new co-workers wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Good thing they already know me or they’d think I was a total weirdo. They know I’m just a partial weirdo.

    You are definitely goofy! 😛

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