I Made it! Episode 100!

Yes… *drumroll* It’s Episode One Hundred of Zaldor’s World! I thank each and every one of you for listening and continuing to listen! This Episode I play comments and voicemails as well as a few “old” clips from the past 100 episodes! Thank you to all who helped with this episode, especially the guys from the Detroit Podcaster Meetup, where I forced a microphone in their faces in the middle of this episode!

Music Played:

Port Authority – Shake
Madsumo – So Many Ways I Can Kill You
Jen Elliott – Blue Fog

Podcasts Metioned:

The Deliberate Noise/Comic Book Noise
The T-Rent Show
The Buddy Culver Show
The Big Show
Digital Detroit Radio
Practically Happy
Most People Are DJ’s
Collected Comics Library/Blog
Plan Nine Rock Show

and my “country music lovin'” co-worker too! 😉

Be sure to listen to the entire episode!

The Invasion has begun….

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