Fun times!

What a week! Work kinda sucked, but I made it through… decided to take Friday off, since Trent also had the day off too – and we went on a little mini-24 hour vacation! Where did we go, you ask? Well I had wanted to take him to the indoor waterpark Castaway Bay in Sandusky Ohio, but it was all sold out – but found another waterpark in Sandusky, Great Wolf Lodge, instead! I picked him up after work, and we headed on down to beautiful Sandusky, Ohio!

We arrived around 8:30p, and after checking in, we hit the pool! The place has a huge fort with tons of water stuff inside it, and 6 waterslides – 2 body slides on the fort, 2 more off to the side, and the last 2 were larger and you used tubes to go down – These were the most fun, because the tubes went outside (yes, you were enclosed in them) and back into the pool! At first, Trent was scared after the slide, but he soon loved going down them!! After the pool that night, we played some games in their arcade, then retired to the room where we watched SpongeBob Squarepants The Movie!

The next morning, we got up, had a great breakfast, then hit the arcade more and won more tickets! We won about 2700 tickets the whole time we were there! We finished up the stay with more pool time, took a few lazy floats thru the little lazy river, played water basketball, more time on the fort – and a few dumpings on by the HUGE 700 gallon bucket at the top of the fort! It dumps the water down probably every 10 minutes or so !!


Of course, I’ve got pictures – but no water action pictures of Trent, unfortunately – it’s just too risky getting my new camera wet!!

We finally left there around 3pm, Trent was exausted… He slept most of the way home, waking up only when we stopped for dinner… All in all in was a great time, and it was the best feeling to see him in the backseat with this smile of content as he drifted to sleep… 🙂

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