NIN: With Teeth!!!

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If ya haven’t heard by now, May 3rd is the official release date for the new NIN album: “With Teeth” – And it sounds like it’s going to be a return back to the Industrial days for NIN! I can’t wait!!!

Trent has described this album as being “12 good punches in the face” – and actually it’s 13, since a new track was added too.. And the first single, “Hand That Feeds” will be out sometime in April!!! Can’t wait for that either!! If you want a small taste, check out the ‘teaser’ trailer on NIN’s site! (Make sure ya have quicktime installed)

They’ve announced 3 US dates (next month) , and they were sold out within a day or so! I so wanted to fly out to Reno for the one on March 24th!!! But it’s sold out! But no matter, when NIN comes to Detroit, I’ll be as close as I can be – and you can bet I’ll be buying this CD too!

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