How did you get so big? …How did you get so strong?…How did you get so hard? … How did you get so long?

So you’re probably asking yourself, “Hey, how’s the workout going?” OK, maybe you’re not… but even still… i’m gonna tell you!

Obviously this week I slacked off a little, not to mention having a slight cold didn’t help… But I did go Monday and Tuesday – and planning on going shortly after I finish this post! Soooo I think since I’ve started at the end of December, I’ve lost around 20lbs, and people are starting to notice… I ran into a couple last night that I haven’t seen in a month or two – and the woman commented how I looked like I’d been losing weight 🙂 Felt good to hear that… I’m noticing it myself, but I guess I’d like to see it come off much faster!!! 😉

Anyways, I’m going to get back into the zone starting today, going every day that I can go (Today, Sun, Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri, and probably Sun…) – I’m doing about 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes (or more) of weights… I love doing my cardio on the eliptical machine – the machine that I could hardly do a month ago – now I can do 30 minutes regularly… Still kinda tough, but getting easier… and I’m going almost twice as fast as when I first started. Not to mention I’m going probably about 2 miles (or more) in that 30 minutes …

Ok – enough talking… I’m off to the gym!!

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