#273 – Carcast and more!

Bringing you another car cast with much rambling, it’s episode #273! Be sure to listen for the train later in the show! The country co-worker checks in, and I tell you about my plans for the next 27 episodes as I work towards my goal of hitting episode 300 before my 40th birthday at the end of November!!

Sites Mentioned:

7th Son: Descent – JC Hutchins’ great podiobook is now a paperback novel!!
National Podcast Post Month

Music from:

Rude City Riot
Irene Rae (twitter)
Green Eyed Stare

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Zaldor’s World Podcast : #273 – Carcast and more!

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#226 – Beginning of 5 yrs of Podcasting!

Yes, this episode marks the start of the 5th year of podcasting – What will this year bring? Stick around and find out!

Music From:

Trench Town Oddities (twitter)
Stand (twitter)
Double Plow
Broken Day Machine

Sites mentioned:

JC Hutchins new novel: Personal Effects: Dark Art!

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