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My “dream” from 3 years ago, is coming true

With podcasting, things I talked about back in 2003 are finally becoming possible:

“The question is, of those 150+ cds I bought, how much money went to the actual artist who made the music? Probably not much. So here’s my thought – what if next time you download mp3s of a good song, album, whatever – you give that money DIRECTLY to the artist? Maybe via mail, pay-pal account, in person, western union, whatever way you can. That way – it circumvents the RIAA, the marketing companies, etc. Any thoughts?? I think it’s a great idea… Imagine people giving money to the artists who hit the drums of a great drum solo via a pay-pal account set up for him?”

The tide is changing, and podcasting is leading the way… Many independant artists are being heard all over the globe because of podcasting, and it’s possible that we could see the first music artist played on a podcast sell over 1 million records… all due to podcast play!!

If’ you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re missing out on the next wave in radio – Better than terrestrial radio, better than Satelite radio – and you can even create your own podcast to join in on the fun!

So check out podcasts at my site (Zaldor’s World), AMP, Podcast Pickle , Detroit Podcasters Network, Podcast Outlaws, PodNova, Odeo , and others!

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NIN Tickets!!!

Today I purchased my tickets for the big NIN show on Oct 8th at Joe Louis arena!! I’ve got 2 general admission (floor) tickets – and since i’m a NIN Spiral (fan club) member, I’m able to use a special member only entrance, and am able to enter in earlier than the general public! 🙂 I can’t wait until Oct!!!! 🙂

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You’ve finally found the place where you belong…With Teeth

With Teeth - NIN
In case you haven’t been playing along, today is the official release date of ‘With Teeth’ by Nine Inch Nails! The long awaited follow up to ‘The Fragile’ and I’m on my way to pick up my copy! Of course, I’ve already heard it, and it’s growing on me – looking forward to listening to the Dual Disc version…

And I guess this also means I have to start thinking up titles again… *sigh* 😉

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There is no you, there is only me

Look – it’s a non-podcast post! 😉

Just wanted to put a post up about Nine Inch Nails – the album, ‘With Teeth’ comes out on Tuesday (May 3rd)!! I’ll be picking up my copy after work, have to drive to Ferndale to get it though! I’ve been listening to the album, and it’s starting to grow on me – I think I’ll have this on a regular rotation in my car! If you want to hear the album – you can – go to NIN’s My Space page and have a listen

Lots of reviews too, of course – BlogCritics, News Tribune, MTV, Boston Herald – all gave the album great reviews! After listening to it without 2,000+ other people in the room, it does have a ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ sound to it, and I think it’s a welcome return of the sound!

The 2nd single, Only (which is where the subject line comes from), really has that feel – and almost sounds like Trent Reznor’s new favorite band, LCD Soundsystem… The video for the song is being directed by the director of ‘Fight Club’, David Fincher. Should be an interesting video too – lots of CG effects…

I’m excited, even though I’ve already heard the album – It’s a good album, that will only get better! And I’m looking forward to seeing NIN in concert too, rocking out to the songs and moshing in the pit 😉

Also – the subjects, which won’t be NIN lyrics for much longer, will be from the new album from now until May 3rd – so you’ll have to listen to the album to figure out the song!

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My nightmare’s everywhere but inside

Episode #17 – Live From the Detroit Motor City Music Conference!

This episode features a sound seeing tour of the Trade show floor – All the sounds, a little mini talk with Ron from MediaRica, and the guys from
Broken Sunday!

More interviews and music in next podcast!

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I’ll cross my heart i’ll hope to die

Subscribing has it’s advantages… I posted these podcasts yesterday, you’d be listening to them already!

Live from the Motor City Music Conference in Detroit – It’s Zaldor’s World #15!

This episode, I interview 2 bands, and feature the music from a great singer/songwriter!


Broken Sunday



Zaldor’s World #16!

Another live broadcast from Motor City Music Conference in Detroit Michigan!

Interviews with:

The Slats

More to come today – Interviews, sound seeing, and more music!

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I was swimming in the haze now i crawl on the ground

Podcast #14 features more great music from the Motor City Music Conference, which is being held THIS WEEKEND –

Bands featured:

The Banana Convention
Natives Of The New Dawn
Distorted Soul

Come Back often beginning April 21, I’ll have frequent podcasts from MC2 – Soundseeing, Interviews, and more!

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There’s a lot of things that i hoped you could help me understand

It’s time again for another Podcast! Podcast #13 – featuring 4 great bands that will be playing at the Motor City Music Conference, two of which I will be interviewing for a later podcast!

The Slats, Vespas, Mojo Filter, and The Chesterfield Bridge!

And I also threw in a medley of Karaoke from the weekend too! 😉

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Maybe I’m all messed up

Okay – this is my last podcast… ever… Hope you like the final one! Feel free to let me know if ya do or not..

I decided to fill it with 6 Karaoke songs from my favorite bar out in Wyandotte – I thought it would be a good send off… plus you get to hear a song sung by yours truly too…


As much as I’m sure you’d like it, this isn’t my last podcast… 😉 I have no intentions of stopping now!!

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I’d rather die, than give you control

More new stuff out on NIN.Com about the new single, ‘Hand That Feeds’ – You can hear the whole thing and see it too! Not much to the video, just Trent and the band playing the song, but it’s still good. I heard the song last night when I went to LUNA – Matt from Digital Detroit Radio played it, and it sounded good. Can’t wait to buy the single, can’t wait to see NIN live this year, and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album! Can ya tell that… I CAN’T WAIT !? I’m so tempted to buy tickets to the Chicago show and go out there in May… And probably after I go to the listening party on 3/29, I’ll really wanna go to Chicago. Trent, why couldn’t ya have played a show in Detroit on the first leg of the tour!?!?!?!?

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Will you bite the hand that feeds you… will you stay down on your knees…

NIN Has announced new US dates! Unfortunately, nothing in Detroit… YET…

Here’s the dates:

March 2005
23 – Fresno, CA – William Saroyan Theatre (sold out)
24 – Reno, NV – Reno Hilton Showroom (sold out)
25 – Davis, CA – Freeborn Hall at U.C. Davis (sold out)

April 2005
27, 28 – San Francisco, CA – The Warfield (on sale 3/4)
30 – Las Vegas, NV – The Joint (on sale 3/4)

May 2005
1 – Indio, CA – Coachella (on sale now)
3, 4 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Theatre (on sale 3/4)
6, 7 – Chicago, IL – Congress Theatre (on sale 3/4)
9, 10 – Toronto, Ontario – Koolhaus (on sale 3/4)
12, 13 – Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre (on sale 3/4)
15, 16 – New York, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom (on sale 3/4)
18, 19 – Philly, PA – Electric Factory (on sale 3/4)
21, 22 – Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle (on sale 3/4)
24 – Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theatre (on sale 3/4)
25 – Austin, TX – Stubbs Bar-B-Q (on sale 3/4)
27, 28 – Phoenix, AZ – Marquee Theatre (on sale 3/4)
30, 31 – San Diego, CA – Soma (on sale 3/4)

Looks like the closest for me will be Chicago… May 6/7… Possible Road Trip… 😉 And yes, I’ll be able to get the advance sales, as I’m on the NIN mailing list… Believe me, I’ll do it… I’m so geeked for the new NIN stuff, I love the single that will be coming to radio soon…

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