#228 – Interview w/Derek of Telling On Trixie

This is a special interview – it’s from my show on BounceRadio.net, Zaldor Unleashed-Tuesdays 6p-8p ET. I had Derek from Telling On Trixie on the show on March 24th, and we talked about the band and the release of their new CD, Ugly, Broke and Sober!

It’s a great interview with a great band – hope you enjoy!!

Music From:

Telling On Trixie
TELLING ON TRIXIE: Ugly, Broke & Sober TELLING ON TRIXIE: Halfway Back to Sane Maxi-Single TELLING ON TRIXIE: Telling on Trixie

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#227 – Happy Birthday Country CoWorker!

Yes, the country coworker recently had a birthday, and I thought I’d have some people wish him happy birthday – as well as play some songs that he might like. Now, don’t worry, not all of these are country tunes! Actually, only maybe one can be called country, but it’s a good song too!

Music From:

Ryan Shupe and The Rubber Band
Spy For Hire
Jon Davidson
Kalliopi (from ArielPublicity)
Jason Harrod
Sean Fournier

Podcast Mentioned:
UC Radio Podshow

Voicemails from:

Rick (from Castleaire Dr!)
Joey Walkabout
Country Cousin

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#226 – Beginning of 5 yrs of Podcasting!

Yes, this episode marks the start of the 5th year of podcasting – What will this year bring? Stick around and find out!

Music From:

Trench Town Oddities (twitter)
Stand (twitter)
Double Plow
Broken Day Machine

Sites mentioned:

JC Hutchins new novel: Personal Effects: Dark Art!

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#225 – 4 Years of Podcasting!

Here is another crazy episode – brace yourself. I did this episode with 3 computers and nowhere near the way I normally record! But I wanted to broadcast my 4th year anniversary podcast live on Ustream.tv – and I did! You can even see the recorded version over at the show page at Ustream. It’s not too exciting, but ya get to see interesting stuff about 1/2 way through.

Thanks to all that helped on the episode!

Lenny & Cristene
Rick from Georgia

Podcasts mentioned:

Dark Worlds Trilogy

Music from:

Three Man
Hey Tiger

Be sure to tune in to BounceRadio.net on Mon 7p-11p ET and Tue 6p-8p ET for my live shows!

Thanks to Libsynand AMP

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4th Anniversary Podcast was recorded LIVE- TONIGHT!

That’s right, it’s 4 years of Zaldor’s world podcast, and recorded episode 225 LIVE on Ustream! Here’s the link to the page

#224 – Packed full of music and info!

Another podcast to finish off the 4th year of Zaldor’s World!

Great music and more from this episode:

Info on AMP and the survey – help out AMP!

Music From:
Telling on Trixie (via Ariel Publicity)
Red Murphy
Pop Rock Circus
Ingrid Michaelson

Podcasts/sites mentioned:

Tuesday Night Tanked Show
AMP – Association of Music Podcasting
UC Radio Podshow

March 10th and Episode 225 starts a new year of the podcast – and it will be started with a live recording of the show! Come back on March 10th for details!!

Be sure to listen to BounceRadio.net for my live shows on Monday (Cover My Industry) 7pm-11p ET and Tuesday (Zaldor Unleashed) 6pm-8pm ET

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#223 – Pop goes the Piano

This episode kinda started by me hearing the 2nd artist and deciding that I wanted to put together an entire episode of Piano Pop – it all went together real well, if ya ask me! Let me know what you think!


Photo of Kris (from Croncast) twin
Metallica changing mind on mp3

Music From:
Matthew Ebel (Sellaband link!)
Matt Simons
Strangers In Wonderland
Chance & The Choir
Phil Putnam (via Ariel Publicity)

Thanks to Libsyn for hosting – and always check out the great music podcasts at AMP!!

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