It was 12 years ago today…

12 years ago today, I was waiting for the arrival of my son, Trent…. He arrived at 11:45a – a little later than expected, if I recall!!

Now, he’s starting the last year as a pre-teen – and i’m happy to have him as a son. I’m very proud of him, he is currently in 6th grade and working to improve his grades – and so far he’s on a good track to keep them up! Keep up the great work, son!

He hasn’t done much podcasting though, which we hope to change that… If you happened to visit his site, it would have a post from one year ago today saying that he turned 11. So, nothing posted in a whole year! We’ll work on that, i’m sure he has a lot of happenings of late to share. Who knows, maybe even do some video for everyone….

Happy 12th Birthday Trent! I’m very happy to have you as my son!!!

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#225 – 4 Years of Podcasting!

Here is another crazy episode – brace yourself. I did this episode with 3 computers and nowhere near the way I normally record! But I wanted to broadcast my 4th year anniversary podcast live on – and I did! You can even see the recorded version over at the show page at Ustream. It’s not too exciting, but ya get to see interesting stuff about 1/2 way through.

Thanks to all that helped on the episode!

Lenny & Cristene
Rick from Georgia

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