4th Annual Anti-Christmas episode! #216

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time for the annual anti-christmas episode of Zaldor’s World! Now, let me say that just because this is an “anti-christmas” theme, it doesn’t mean that all the songs are against christmas – most of them are more along the lines of the funny and unfortunate side of christmas… It’s all in fun 🙂

I found the majority of these songs on The FuMP web site – Thanks again to WanderWolf of WanderRadio of the info about the site! It’s a great site for some funny music!!

Stay tuned for the complete episode, I give you a special gift at the end! 😉

Music From:
Jonathan Coulton
Robert Lund
Consortium of Genius
Devo Spice
Worm Quartet
Moneyshot Cosmonauts

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#215 – Voice mail and music!

Betcha didn’t think i’d be back this soon, did you?

Well I am! Bringing ya music, voice mails, and more!

Music from:

Little Plastic Stars
Jac Dalton
Judd Star
Night Artery

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#214 – Interview with Dimension Zero!

This episode features a great interview with a great industrial feel, but with a hint of different.. You’ll just have to listen to the music to understand!

I first played Dimension Zero back in May of this year only 10 episodes ago, and have been working with Monty since then to get an interview – Finally the worlds aligned and brought you all this interview! I hope you enjoy!

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