#213 – A Personal show – and my thanks!

This is a unique show – I just wanted to do a podcast tonight, so I sat down and pulled one song then started the show. I developed this show completely on the fly as I was doing it – and I had a lot to talk about. Reminiscing on the past, discussing the future, talking about my birthday, all my friends that i’ve met from this podcast – and more! No voice mails, but a lot of little IDs from a bunch of people and bands!

Let me know what ya think of this episode ! Email me at zaldor AT gmail DOT com, voicemail 206-666-4644, twitter, facebook, myspace, and a bunch more places!

Some of the Sites/people/Bands mentioned: Les Jenkins/SEB, Trent (my son!), Trent Reznor, Mike Yusi (UC Radio), Aaron (Big Show), Moe Berg (The Pursuit of Happiness), Rise Against, BounceRadio.net (Live show on Mon & Tue nights!), Blogcritics.org, Detroit Podcasters Network, Chris (Collected Comics Library), MikeL OD (Most People Are DJs), Matt (Digital Detroit Radio), Terry Bean, Critical Bill, Cheri Arnett, Blind With Rain, Lizette&!!

Music played:

Greg Camp
Shram Band

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Friday: another year older-but bringing it in with a bang! (and you’re invited)

Wow – Hard to believe that Friday will be my 39th birthday… I’m old.

I’m going to live it up though – and if you’re in the Metro Detroit area, you’re welcome to join me!!

See, I host karaoke at a small bar in Wyandotte, Mi – and I normally do it on Thursday and Friday every week – Well this week is special, we’re doing it Wednesday and Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday!

The best part? Friday is my birthday!! That’s right, i’m hosting Karaoke on my birthday!! It’s going to be a blast, because it’s not only my birthday – but also the birthday of 2 of my great friends (who are also regulars at the bar): Erik and Air Guitar Dave!

So this is my invitation to all of you to join me on this huge celebration at Oakie Doaks Pub in Wyandotte, MI! 116 Oak Street! Map here!

Hope to see you all there!

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Thoughts about the first Podcamp Michigan #pcmi08…

Yesterday was the first ever Podcamp in Michigan. The event was held in Southfield, Michigan – at the Embassy Suites, not too far from 2 major highways – very easy to get to.

This event was a long time coming, it’s something I had considered starting up about 1 year ago, but just couldn’t find the time or resources to start it up. Glad that Mark decided to make the first step and put it together under such a short timeline.

I say short timeline because Mark had only announced this event at the end of September. He first suggested a date around mid-October, but a day or so later changed it to November 7th due to scheduling issues. Glad that he did, because I doubt we would have had such a turnout with only 2 weeks advance notice.

So how was the event yesterday? Overall, I’d consider it a great success, it shows that there is interest in new media in Michigan, and that people are willing to drive from Traverse City (or further?) to attend this event. It was not without it’s share of problems of course: audio difficulties, discussions of lack of space, no “break-out” sessions, only one track of sessions, powerpoint issues (pc vs mac)… But you have to keep in mind, Mark only had a little over 1 month to organize this, and with that – he did an excellent job.

The day started off with Rosh Sillars and his informative talk about using photography in social media/web sites. He made some excellent points, such as how important quality photos on your site are, and how you should have photos on my site (maybe I should heed his advice?).

The next speaker was Hajj Flemings and his discussion on building your brand. Hajj had a great presentation, driven by his book (The Brand YU Life) – but very good information here!! What I took from it: you should treat your personal brand like a business, with mission statements and all. Very good stuff.

The last speaker before lunch was Jermiah Staes of Portage Media. His company produces podcasts mostly for corporations – he also brought on one of his clients to provide a case study for podcasting and how she approaches podcasting. I believe that Portage Media works mostly with audio podcasts, not much discussion on video.

The afternoon sessions were a little more energetic, maybe the food from lunch helped fuel this?

Starting things off in the afternoon was Shannon Paul, who talked about social media and the importance of conversation. Shannon does media stuff for the Red Wings, which she didn’t mention during her presentation! She did talk about how to participate in social media without being “That Guy” – who is “that guy”? That guy is the one who seems to always be pimping their own stuff, but not sharing things found from others…? Right?

Next up was Dennis Fassett, who presented how he uses Twitter for business. This was an interesting presentation. At first, I thought it was going to give me a view into why there are spam twitter users and what makes them tick, but it turned out to be how Dennis used Twitter on a whim to prove how it was a silly web site, and ended up making $1500 with it by helping others with real estate! Not bad, if ya ask me.

The next presentation was one I was looking forward to: Tim Robertson and how to have rockstar interviews. Since I’ve been one to interview quite a few people on my podcast, this was something I stuck around for to hear. Tim said the best way to get to an artist is by contacting their PR company and going from there – not directly with the artist. He also mentioned that phone calls were more effective than email, which I would agree with him! Tim also brought up a friend (and listener to Zaldor’s World, I believe!) Rick Stringer of Variant Frequencies podcast. Rick discussed his award winning podcast and his relationship with Tim, was very cool to hear from him – and glad he made the trek from Traverse City!

Tim also mentioned that he had a story (a rather grim one) about when he was 18, a rogue bat, and starter fluid… I’ll leave it at that – it was entertaining though! The next presenters encouraged him to tell this story before they went on.

The next presentation was an entertaining one done by Charlie Wolborg and Terry Bean! They started off by providing insight into their personal lives before getting on with the presentation – and it worked well. The two of them were discussing passion with your brand, emphasized using positivity, and worked very well together! Funny thing is, Terry is a friend that I’ve known since I was 7! Had no idea he was going to be there, and it was great to bump into him again – haven’t seen him in about 6 or so years!

Finally was the presentation by my friend and active member of Detroit Podcasters Network, Mike Pfeiffer. Mike provided a good presentation about how his podcast has changed him, and how one can capture satisfaction from podcasting. He gave many facts on his podcast, who he’s met because of his podcast, the friends he’s made from it, and how he is earning money because his podcast gave him the connections! Great presentation and perfect way to end the first Podcamp Michigan!!

Afterwords, many of the participants went off for dinner and drinks at WAB (Woodward Ave. Brewery), but unfortunately I had to head home to get ready for hosting Karaoke. I had planned on staying all evening with the PC’ers, but a couple weeks earlier plans changed!

Sounds like everyone that attended had a great time, and the event was a big success. I look forward to the next Podcamp Michigan, which I hope we’ll have more presenters and possibly make it a 2 day event?? We’ll see! Thanks again Mark for a great event!

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Tomorrow will bring two history making events!

As if there hasn’t been enough history making events this week, tomorrow will yield two more events in Detroit, Michigan.

Tomorrow is the first Podcamp Michigan ever – and event that will go down in history! If you’re interested in podcasting, video blogging/podcasting, branding, or anything else related to these topics, and you live in the Michigan area, you need to be in Southfield Michigan tomorrow (November 8th, 2008) !

But that’s not all!!

Not only will history be made by the first Podcamp in Michigan, but tomorrow also brings the first time two Les’ will meet. Yes, that’s right, Les Zaldor and Les Jenkins will both be at Podcamp Michigan tomorrow! This will be the first time we have met, after only knowing each other for about 6+ years via blogging!

So if you’re in the Southfield area tomorrow, you can’t miss these historic events!!

IF you’re not at Podcamp Michigan, you might want to check the news on Saturday, who knows what might happen with two Les’ at one Podcamp – Can Embassy Suites in Southfield handle more than


Les???? Come and find out!

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#212 – Music, Voicemail, and Hope

Congratulations to the 44th president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama!! I’m proud to say that I helped elect that man into office, and I’m ready to help him turn this country around after the crap it’s been through the last 8 years.

This episode is full of music which I know you’ll all enjoy, has all sorts to listen to – from pop to rock, and even a little piano too !

Oh, and did I mention there are 3 voice mails too? Yup – From JB Said, Country Coworker, and Country Cousin! Great stuff, thanks for calling in guys! 206-666-4644 is the number if you wanna do the same!

Music from:

Kati Mac (Found from Ariel Publicity)
Stars Go Dim
Five A.M. (Found from Ariel Publicity)
Last November (Found from Ariel Publicity)
Little Plastic Stars

Of course, if you don’t get enough of me from this show – be sure to check out my shows LIVE on BounceRadio.net! Mondays 7p-8p is Cover This!, Mondays 8p-11p is The Industry, and Tuesdays 6p-8p is Zaldor Unleashed! (All times are Eastern Time Zone!)

And Insomnia Radio:Detroit too! Great interviews over there to check out!!!

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Political views from a 4 yr old…

I normally don’t post from work, but this was special… brought tears to my eyes:

My 4 yr old nephew had a friend over today. This is the conversation my sister overheard (she wasn’t in the room).

Nephew: “Sam, did you hear? We have a new president!”

Friend: “Yeah, I know.”

Nephew: “Barack Obama is our new president. Isn’t that sweet?”

Friend: “Yeah! Now we have hope!”

Nephew: “Yeah! I know!”

From my sister: “No mention of the color of President Obama’s skin (or the color of his supporter’s skin). No mention of his policies. No mention of where he went to school. No mention of how much or how little experience he has. No mention of the wealthy, the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the republicans, the democrats.

No bashing of McCain or Palin. No calling names. No self-righteousness. No condescending remarks. No mentions of leaving the US because they didn’t like the outcome.

Just hope.

Hope for a better tomorrow and a unified United States of America. Perhaps we should listen a little more carefully to the future of these United States.

Can you really disagree with that?

That’s enough for me.”

I couldn’t agree with you more sis.

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Congratulations Barack Obama!

We now have a new president. One which I feel that I can support without fear. One which I feel that if I needed to talk to him, I could and he would listen.

Today I voted for the first time in 8 years. I voted for Gore and he lost – the last election I didn’t feel that I vote would matter, so I abstained from casting it. This time, I realized that my vote does matter and it needed to be heard. I voted today for a new government, one of hope and change. One which will listen to me, one which will be willing to accept help from all of America, not just the rich and wealthy America.

Today is a historic day – one where the diverse American public spoke out and told the government (and the world) that they are not going to take it any longer. One that sent a loud message by electing the first african american president to the United States of America. For the first time in years, I feel that I can make a difference. I feel that I will be heard.

Yes, I realize that there is a long way to go, but the mark has been made, and people should take notice. The coming months will show that not only the American people have spoken, but that the world is pleased with our choice. The World will begin to change along with us, and we can begin to repair the damage that has been caused – the damage that caused towers to fall 7 years ago.

Once again, I congratulate Barack Hussein Obama for becoming our 44th President, and also for becoming the first african-american president. You have a huge task before you, and you have millions of Americans behind you, willing to help you in this task. Do not forget about us and we will not forget about you.

Congratulations America – you have spoken.

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Podcamp Michigan #1 – Sat Nov 8th, 2008!!

One week away is the first ever PodCamp Michigan – Probably the first of many to come! I’m looking forward to going, hearing all the speakers, and meeting the others in the area who are podcasting, looking to podcast, and just plain interested in what is happening in Southfield, MI on November 8th!

Should be a great time – everything kicks off at 9am!

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